Wheelchair-bound student stands, walks across stage at high school graduation

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Credit: WJW

COLUMBIA STATION, Ohio — A wheelchair-bound high school student in Ohio walked across the stage at graduation on Friday to receive her diploma, according to WJW.

Katharine Clark, who was born with cerebral palsy and is considered a quadriplegic, graduated from Columbia High School on Friday.

Katharine’s dad, Vince, had always promised to carry her everywhere. He passed away in 2007.

Inspired by her father, Katharine set a goal at the beginning of her freshman year: to walk across the stage at graduation.

“I want to make my dad proud,” Katherine told WJW.

Katharine practiced for two years using special equipment to help her stand. With tears streaming down her face, she walked across the stage on Friday.

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  • Lucas

    Congratulations on your graduation!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure your dad is VERY, VERY, proud of you!!! :)

  • DINA

    My son is also in a wheelchair with C.P. and when he graduated he too walked across the stage with a lil help from his Dad. You could have heard a pin drop in the Mentor Graduating class of 2010.
    Just because they are sitting down doesn’t mean they cant do things. They are differently-abled and they work harder then anyone to reach the goals that most people take for granted.
    Congratulations to her on Graduating and completing her walk. I’m sure Dad saw her every step and is beaming with pride.

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