Teacher on leave after filming autistic boy getting head stuck in chair

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GOODRICH, Mich. -- An elementary school teacher has come under fire for filming and taunting an autistic boy after his head got stuck in a chair.

ABC12 reported that it happened at Oaktree Elementary School in Goodrich, Michigan last November.

Nicole McVey recorded and mocked the boy, who has Asperger's syndrome, and then later shared the footage with staff and friends.

The school’s principal was also in the room at the time and reportedly referred to the incident as “not really an emergency.” The boy was eventually freed by a maintenance worker.

Principal Michael Ellis is also accused of emailing the video footage to school staff and friends.

The principal has resigned and the school board has voted to fire McVey, who has since been placed on paid administrative leave.

It remains uncertain why McVey recorded the incident. Some parents in the community have voiced support for her, saying she would never bully a student.

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    • Jessica

      And she got paid to sit on her *** after what she did?!..They just gave her a paid vacation!!..As the mother of an Autistic child,I’d have her head on a platter for that one.She’s the teacher and is supposed to act accordingly..THAT is not acting accordingly!.That is acting like an ignorant,irresponsible,and uncaring individual to sit and film something like that and then pass it around like you’re still in middle or high school..That’s disgraceful…smh

    • Dewian

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  • Lee

    Wow! Stories like these are exactly why so many people are beginning to think about how to abolish teacher tenure. This teacher is a DANGER! to children’s physical and emotional well being through neglect and abuse. Cruelty to a handicapped child is a game to her. Shame! Shame on her.

  • SMH

    It’s bad enough when children bully one another but now a teacher bullying an autistic child?? Our world is going down the drain more and more every day. And to put this teacher on PAID administrative leave is another sucker punch. She should have been FIRED immediately! And I wonder if those parents “supporting her” would continue to do so if it had been their child. What an outrage!

    • news2me

      Get a teaching certificate…then a teaching job…work 18 hours a day and in summer school…..35 kids in a class each and every day….then your comment might be worth reading..

  • news2me

    This was a poor decision by the teacher and the principal….I wonder if they got those online degrees.

  • Christina

    And this is why my children will be home schooled. How in the world could someone do that to an innocent child? Doesn’t matter how he got into that position. She should have been there right beside him comforting him until someone got there to help free him. I have an autistic child and if this had been her I would have lost my mind. Shame on all those involved for being so cruel to any child!

  • Megan White

    Whatever the circumstances were….there is no reason a teacher should be recording this! So very unprofessional of this teacher!!! She deserves whatever they throw at her!!! She should have better sense than that!!!!!!!!!!!

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