NC mother charged after crash kills 4-month-old baby

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Kayla Marie Davis

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have charged a mother in connection to a wreck Tuesday that killed her 4-month-old child.

WSOC-TV reported that Kayla Marie Davis has been charged in connection to the death of 4-month-old Londyn Johnson.

Davis was arrested Saturday morning and charged with felony child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Police arrested Thabiti Pierre-Louis, the driver of the car, and charged him with felony death by vehicle.

Investigators said Pierre-Louis had been drinking and speeding when he lost control of the car and struck a pole.

Investigators said the baby was sitting on her mother’s lap in a back seat of the car when the crash happened.

The child was ejected from the car on impact and killed when the vehicle flipped and landed on top of her, police said.

Pierre-Louis has also been charged with reckless driving to endanger, possession of marijuana up to half an ounce and contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile. Police said he had been drinking before the accident.

His first court appearance was Thursday; Pierre-Louis showed no emotion as the judge read his charges.


  • Maria

    Of course, you know the alcohol was the only thing that contributed to it. Marijuana don’t do anything like that. Bahahaha

  • SMH

    Glad they charged her. She is as much responsible for this child’s death as the drunk driver that she got into the car with.

    • SINNER !

      SMH, You are exactly right,in todays world there is NO excuse for the death of a child because of this ineptness of the childs parent !!

  • KaLema

    I can vouch and speak personally and say she loved baby Londyn w. everything! this was never an intent action! who hasn’t rode in the car w. their baby on their lap? sure it’s illegal but who hasn’t? she’s clearly hurt. if you all had kids imagine loosing them then be crucified by media and strangers.. SHE has to live w. out her baby! she’s still a baby herself… Kayla Davis Was a wonderful mommy to Londyn and in My eyes will still always be. None Of This Was Purposeful. It’s Just sad no one has the respect to send their condolences but everyone can constantly bash her. I Love You Kayla & Londyn. RIP Angel.

    • Linda Shepherd

      Thank you for standing up for this young mother. I am sure she never intended to put her child in harms way and had no control over how the driver handled his vehicle however, when I was a young mother, 50 odd years ago, they did not have car seats for babies and when we had to go somewhere, like the grocery store, we made sure that we rode with someone who was a responsible driver. She did have some control on who she went with and if she knew they were a good driver or not. Today, anyone can get a carseat, free from the health department so there is little excuse for not having one. She should be charged with neglect, the same as if she left her baby at home alone. With motherhood, comes great responsibility. I think, just knowing that her thoughtless actions will be punishment enough for her to live with and the public, generally does not know what it is like to be poor and sometimes desperate. I do feel for her and pray that she will use the public resources in the future. Please give her my condolences on her loss.

      • SINNER !

        Linda a majority of you dumb people never intend to kill KIDS ! But you dummies do it everyday !! Not all women need to be mothers !!

    • Kat

      I’m sorry, but I have NEVER ridden with any of my children on my lap. I’ve also NEVER driven my children around while using drugs or alcohol Or allowed someone else who was under the influence to drive them.
      If you say “who hasn’t done” these things, that tells all of us that you are likely as neglectful as this woman and you are lucky something like this hasn’t happened to you. You need to put your child in an age appropriate car seat EVERY TIME they are in a vehicle. Period.

      I am sorry for this girl’s loss, but I hope she does realize that it was entirely her fault and completely preventable. Maybe then she will make better choices for any future children she has and help educate her friends and family (like you) to keep this from happening again.

      • Kristen

        I agree!! “Who hasn’t rode in the car with their babies on their laps?” I haven’t! I also would not put my child in that kind of danger, riding with someone who is drunk and high? I feel bad she lost her baby but yes she is just as responsible as he is for this tragedy! Such a shame a sweet innocent baby had to suffer because of thoughtlessness of her parents. Sad situation all around.

    • SINNER !

      Kalema in answer to your question about who hasn’t ridden in a car with the LIFE of a child in there lap ? The answer is the people that still have kids that are ALIVE !!

    • Allie

      Who hasn’t done it?? Really?? Um let’s see… Every responsible parent with even an ounce of commen sense hasn’t done it. I don’t even drive across the street without my baby in a car seat. But putting that ignorance aside, anyone who knowingly gets in a vehicle with a drunk driver with their child, deserves to be punished with the maximum sentence allowed by law. That innocent, precious life is YOUR responsibility as a parent, and that was a complete disregard to her life and well being. At least she’s in better hands now. If that so-called mother made decisions like that, it was a matter of time before something happened. Poor little thing didn’t stand a chance.

    • Julia

      No one drives with their four month old baby in their lap. Are you an idiot?! No good mother drives with someone who has been drinking and smoking . No good mother rides in the car with her baby in her lap. That little girl would still be alive if it weren’t for the reckless decisions of her mother. I just wish she had died instead of the baby:

    • Tink Kolp

      Are you serious? No everyone doesn’t drive with their kid on their lap and the only one I have condolences for is her dead child, who depended on her mother to take care of her. She got in the car with a drunk driver and was probably drunk herself. If she was a baby too, maybe she should have thought about having one of her own! So no, she gets no sympathy, I hope they stick her in jail for a long time and she has to live with knowing she killed her child!

  • Mary

    Poor baby. To be honest the poor little thing is better off. I’d hate to think of the life she would have had with a mother with such a lack of good decision making skills.. There is NO EXCUSE for putting a childs life in danger. As a parent our job is to keep our children SAFE. I have no respect for her or anyone who would defend her! RIP baby Londyn.

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