Mecklenburg Co. principal honored during ceremony in Winston-Salem

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Chad Thomas (WSOC-TV)

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Chad Thomas, principal of Bailey Middle School, was named the 2013-14 North Carolina Parent Teacher Association Principal of the Year at a ceremony Friday in Winston-Salem, said Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools officials.

WSOC-TV reported that Thomas was recognized by the North Carolina PTA, the state’s oldest and largest volunteer organization advocating for the education, health, safety and success of all children and youth while building strong families and communities. He was honored for being a voice for all children, making membership available for all families and promoting school unity at Bailey.

“I thought I was one of several in the state,” said Thomas. “I didn’t know that I was the only one in the state. This is a great honor to be recognized for the wonderful (Parent Teacher Student Association) we have here at Bailey Middle.”

Without Thomas’ knowledge, his assistant principals along with the PTSA leadership submitted the nomination. The North Carolina PTA then selected Thomas from applications submitted from across the state.

Family participation has increased since Thomas arrived at Bailey. When he came to the school in the 2012-13 school year, PTSA membership was at 1,000 members. This year, the membership has risen to 1,500. The school will receive an Acorn Award for the accomplishment.

Bailey Middle School is in Cornelius.

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  • Bo Diddley

    Too bad we have to import a Charlotte teacher because we don’t have any to celebrate in Winston.

    • news2me

      Bo….You are insinuating that all of the teachers in your county are Bad………….They do not care…. nor do they listen to insults thrown at them by the uneducated chronic complainers whose total aim in life is to intimidate..

      Congratulations to the principal who received this award.

  • Dewian

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