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Wilmington teen allegedly beaten by boyfriend over text messages and tangled fishing lines

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WILMINGTON, N.C. — The 17-year-old Wilmington girl who was allegedly beaten on Friday by her boyfriend over text messages and tangled fishing lines is improving after undergoing brain surgery, according to WECT.

Hannah Connaway was upgraded to fair condition on Wednesday after she opened her eyes and spoke with family.

Connaway’s boyfriend, Michael Hutton, 18, was charged with attempted first-degree murder among other charges that could amount to a jail sentence of life without parole.

According to the assistant district attorney, the incident happened when the couple got into an altercation over text messages and tangled fishing lines.

“He was angry because he couldn’t untangle fishing lines,” Claudene Williams, who witnessed the altercation, told WECT. She said that he was also upset over “snarky” comments made by Connaway.

“I keep on hearing her screaming and I keep on hearing all the sounds and it’s just awful,” Williams said. “I ran around the front door. I tried to get in. All the doors were locked. It was just awful.”

The alleged attack happened inside the Hutton’s parents’ home in Wilmington. The teen’s parents were out of town at the time of the incident.

Hutton’s lawyer told WECT his client suffers from “alcohol-induced seizures,” which could have triggered the altercation.

Hutton’s bail was set at $1 million.


  • Chucky

    A seizure caused him to get mad about the fishing line and text message then almost kill her? Yeah Right. Earn that money lawyer. LOLROF!

  • jamie

    Umm “alcohol-induced seizures”, sounds totally preventable to me! No excuse for this young man to beat her or anyone and I am sorry but if I saw that going down, the door would have come off the hinges!

  • Pablo

    I volunteer to be in the firing squad. I will gladly be the guy firing the real bullet, I will need at least 2 since the 1st shot will be in the gut or a knee. I will then go get a pizza for lunch. once back I will put bullet in his heart.

  • mommacass76

    Alcohol induced seizures for an 18 year old? I guess they should add underage drinking to the charges.

  • Sniper762mm

    This young man is a POS. There is no excuse for laying a hand on a woman out of anger. Real men do not lay hands on women.

  • Patricia Gonzales

    PABLO, I agree he deserves to be punished for his crimes and not just a slap on the hand for what he has done. His excuse is just a way to get out of being charged for his actions which are heinous, BUT, I’m sorry you sound as if you have some serious issues as well, the way you explained what you would do. There is no reason for what he done, he is just evil and no amount of time in rehab for alcohol treatment will change him. But, you sound as if you could use some help as well. What you are describing is just plain cold bloodied murder. I don’t think any Mother or Father would want you around their daughter with your way of thinking. I know I sure wouldn’t. You sound as bad as him. So what would your excuse be, temporary insanity? Don’t think so! Way to calculated as to how you would handle it.

    • Ken

      Way to overanalyze an anonymous poster. Maybe they are just tired of stupid people doing stupid things. Did you ever think of that before you went into your pop psycho-analysis? Of course not, hence your long winded diatribe.

    • Rhonda

      His comment sounds better than tying him up and dousing him in honey and feeding him to fire ants. Or nailing him to a stump by his private parts, giving him a dull knife, and setting him on fire! I have witnessed my daughter being beat…..evidently you have not. I say NO MERCY TO THIS POS!

    • Nathan Ernest Tidwell

      Pablo just wants to make sure he suffers pain before death…..18 and defense is oh he is a alcoholic….b.s to that he is a pos and we need to eradicate this type people …enough is enough

    • Nick

      Take it from someone who’s been in an abusive relationship with an extremely unstable and volatile woman. If I made it through her without beating her half to death, there is no reason this guy couldn’t check his temper over fishing line and snarky comments.

    • Nick

      Either you feel sorry for this monster or you are completely out of touch with reality. Pablo typed that on his computer. Mr. Hutton stamped it all over some poor girls face for nothing more than being a smart allec.

  • Mark Stabler

    I’m sure this 18 year old immediately notified his lawyer that he suffered from alcohol induced seizures which caused him to beat the hell out of someone. If he was suffering seizures he wouldn’t be able to beat someone. What a wonderful lawyer…not looking for loop holes, creating them.

  • Crazy World

    Seriously….the lawyer is seriously using that as his defense? Another example of “hey, it’s not your fault that you almost beat your girlfriend to death, it’s the medicine and alcohol that MADE you do it”. Please stop this. Take responsibility for your actions. We’re going to be in a lot of trouble as a society if we continue to blame others rather than owning up to your own mistakes.


    I guess you people know that we have some HUNGRY damm alligators in that part of the state !!

  • stormy m.

    He needs to be beaten like he beat her. DO NOT fix what breaks and send the p.o.s to prison for the rest of his life to suffer!!

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