Arrow International in Asheboro to close by 2017, 635 employees affected

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ASHEBORO, N.C. -- Arrow International will be shutting its doors by 2017, impacting 635 employees.

The Asheboro operation, which is owned by Teleflex, currently employs 470 full-time people and 165 contract workers.

The decision was announced in a press release Thursday as part of "global restructuring" by the company.

The plant produces medical devices, specifically catheters and sterile surgical kits and has operated in Asheboro since 1952. Arrow was purchased by Teleflex in 2007.

The facility is located at 312 Commerce Place in Asheboro.

“We deeply regret this decision and the impact it will have on the lives of employees and their families," Mayor David Smith said. "That is our primary concern. It's a big loss for our community. We know that these workers are highly skilled and hard working and they will be a great addition to any employer. We stand ready to support them and to work with local company officials through the next three years of transition."

Production will be relocating to another Arrow plant in Mexico.

The relocation of production will reportedly create Trade Adjustment Act eligibility for the workers, a program which helps people displaced by the relocation of manufacturing to other countries.

The N.C. Department of Commerce and Randolph Community College’s rapid response team will be available to work with employees for retraining and job placement services


    • BeenThere

      Workers where sold out in 1994 by H.W.Bush then Clinton came in and sold the rest out to China and the rest of Asia !!

  • Julio

    Keep taking industries to Mexico, and Mexicans keep coming over because they have no jobs there. How is this possible?

    • Rob

      They aren’t coming here to work. They are coming here for welfare. I see so many these days with SNAP, wic, healthcare, housing & who knows what other freebies our wonderful government is giving them?!?

      • welfare nation

        plenty of jobs in mexico, jose can’t live on $2 bucks an hour,swimming the rio grande and working at taco bell for 7.25 an hour and a shiny new ebt card and he’s way ahead,i’d do the same thing

  • Nathan Ernest Tidwell

    yeah that’s why it should be triple taxed to ship the goods here …leaving us to make the stuff cheaper then we pay full price here….should be super high penalties for this action….our government is betraying us..and the usa

  • BeenThere

    When the people are offered a chance at paid training in another field,really think about your choice BUT !! Take it !!


    Going to mexico, huh? Gee can we go there and get a job HANDED to us (equal opportunity/illegal workers) like they can come here and take ours?

  • Debbie

    go figure….we have lost yet another company to another country……sad for the American people….government needs to do something about this mess before we become the poorest nation in the world!!!!

  • keith

    The only hope in this country is people to clean this crowd of political prostitutes out. Vote America first and the only party willing to do that is the Tea party.

  • trut

    We really helped China and Mexican economy,we spend our money on China made goods!! while in regard to Mexico we are taking care of all the mixed race babies there making with all the races of women in this country,And do not forget how they send money honest made as well as illegally made back to Mexico !! Who is to blame ? Any one that hires them ,has babies with them or buys drugs from them That’s the aseholes that you FVCKING BLAME !!

  • D L

    Now we just need all local medical practitioners to stop using their products in response. But I’m sure this is great for the company and the extra money they make will trickle right down to the rest of us…

  • Rebecca Shepard

    Do you trust a STERILE surgical kit made in Mexico when I am told to NOT drink the water!

    This is ENOUGH, we need to boycott these goods and force them back in the US.

      • Fed-Up

        Yes the package will have to say either made in Mexico or assembled in Mexico. Some hospitals and doctors in the USA will not take the product if it is made in Mexico. They will have no choice but state where it is made.

  • Khai

    I sincerely believe the majority of Americans share the same sentiment as the comments here – What I will never be able to rap my head around is why nothing has ever been done about the lose of jobs and the de-priding of the USA.
    With the exception of Fox News, no other media outlet seems to have America’s best interest at heart. Unfortunately, Fox is just as ridiculous and bias as the others, so most common sense Americans don’t agree with either the left or right media…..How long can we withstand these kind of loses???

  • brittanyfoland

    As a former employee of Teleflex Medical/Arrow International,this doesn’t suprise me! They’ve been talking about this for years. It’s sad really,to think about how many lives this is going to affect,so many loyal employees stripped of their income and for what? To move to Mexico for cheaper labor?!? Cheaper labor doesn’t mean better work! Teleflex is only good for screwing people over,period! A good friend of mine has been a temp there for 4 years and FINALLY got hired on a couple weeks ago and NOW they are taking his job from him?!? That’s shitty! I have many people I care about at this company and I hope for their sake their layoffs are last and they find employment immediately! Excuse my language as am about to not be so polite!!! In response to the above comment made by “TRUT”,WHAT THE FUCK does mixed children and interracial couple have to do with anything???? Biracial children or interracial relationships in no way,shape or form have anything to do with Teleflex or any other company being moved somewhere else! You’re a fucking idiot and need to learn not to speak on an issue in which you clearly know nothing about!! YOU are part of the problem with our world today! GROW UP!

    • TRUT

      If you fail to see the cost and loss of my observations then I am far from lacking in my correctness !! Take a second and tell me all you know of taxpayers as well as all forms of debt incurred from the actions I mentioned !! EVERYTHING, I stated can be found relevant in cost loss action !! Name calling to provoke is fruitless !!

  • Mark

    My aunt works at teleflex . They told them in the meeting that this close was 100 percent due to obamacare . They claim it has cost them 60 million dollars so far to transfer everything and abide by the new regulations . So there is your reason . Thanks Odumba .

  • Fed-Up

    I am one of the 635. We can point fingers at every president that has ever been but the fact still remains that the ones to blame are Teleflex bigshots. Their greed over a dollar has gotten way out of hand. I am not sure if they have a conscience or a heart. It was the Americans that pulled some long hours 6-7 days a week that made them billionaires. But they just are not happy with that. They want more. So they are going for very cheap labor and even poorer quality. The Asheboro plant was the money maker for Teleflex but once again..greed over a dollar. The love of money is the root of all evil. They wont prosper for what they have done to the Americans. Not only does this affect the 635 and their families but it also affects the local vendors as well.

    • Gladys

      Same thing happened to my husband in 2010, his job along with 500 employees lost their jobs to China. Good jobs, my husband was with them for 12 years, good benefits, great place to work. It is now gone, my husband still struggling to find permanent work. Most everybody that was laid off due to this have floundered from one job to another, the good jobs are all gone, and they keep going. My husband even was sent to china to train his replacement. It is so sad to see this outsourcing continues unabatted and nothing is being done to stop the hemmoraging. Good look finding a new job, unfortunately job market is so brutal.

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