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Sriracha factory no longer considered a public nuisance

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IRWINDALE, Calif. — The fate of the Sriracha is safe for now after officials unanimously dismissed a lawsuit and public nuisance declaration against manufacturer Huy Fong Foods on Wednesday.

According to the Pasadena Star-News, the battle began when residents complained last fall that the fumes seeping from the factory during the chile grinding season burned their eyes and throats and forced them to stay indoors.

A city then filed a lawsuit against Sriracha creator David Tran.
The battle sparked fears among Sriracha fans there would be a global shortage of the popular condiment.

But the company recently installed stronger filters on its rooftop air filtration system, which Tran said he tested with pepper spray.  It is unknown if the new filters will be adequate until the company begins to process chiles, which is expected to begin in August.

An informal meeting Tuesday between Tran and city officials, accompanied by a written statement from Tran, provided the council the assurance it needed that Huy Fong will address residents’ odor complaints.

Before the vote to dismiss the public nuisance order, Irwindale Chamber of Commerce President Marlene Carney gave a presentation to the council announcing the chamber will launch a marketing campaign “to talk about the positives of doing business” in Irwindale.

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