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Proposed plan allows teachers to get raise if they give up tenure

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Public school teachers in North Carolina may soon have to choose between a pay increase or losing tenure.

A plan released by Senate Republicans Wednesday is proposing public schools teachers give up tenure in exchange for an 11.2 percent pay raise.

Teachers who work for four years earn tenure -- protection that keeps them from being fired at will.

North Carolina is ranked 47th in the country for teacher pay.

Lawmakers say the proposal would boost that pay by nearly $6,000.

But many teachers like Amy Harrison who teaches special education at Reedy Fork Elementary School think the plan is insulting.

"I don't think it should be a bargaining chip,” said Harrison whose been teaching for 14 years. “If you give up your due process rights, we'll give you a raise. That's not fair."

If passed, teachers that choose to give up their tenure would see pay increases beginning July 1.


  • Roger

    This is not fair for teachers. Will Tillis ‘Berger and McCory willing to give up their benefits and raisesalso is all partys in Raleigh willing to give up their benefits and the raises they just got ?

    • news2me

      They will be giving up their benefits in the next election. …They are out…They are playing the old fashioned Politics which does not work in today;s society…. They speak out of both sides of their mouths hoping to gain votes…..People have their number…They need to exit quietly as they will not be re-elected..

      • news2me…”They are playing the old fashioned Politics which does not work in today;s society”…
        They are playing the Old Fashioned Political Game which does not work in today’s tech savvy society.

  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    The Teachers should tell Sen Burger to go to Buzz off, they need a raise & haven’t had one since 2009 when the demoratts quit giving them raises so its been almost 5 years since they had a raise & Teaching is a very important job to have if not the MOST important one because they mold our children’s lives & if they don’t learn in school then they suffer for a lifetime…so give them a raise & take tenure off the table & it really is an insulting gimmick by Burger who is an attorney but he needs to save his bargaining in the courtroom not with our teachers lives & livelihood!!

  • LOOKyHere

    Take it don’t take it either way these people do nothing but whine !! Why not move to Houston ?

    • The Dork

      so Kathy being youre a st*pid democrat how is the president’s hope n change working for ya?

      • JWS

        The President would never take away teachers tenure or promised retirement that they would work thirty years for. How is the worst recession since the Great Depression that Bush put us in working for you? You folks blame Obama for everything that happens in this country but fail to blame Bush for anything. Just look at workers rights or lack there in this state. You have none! You can be fired or replaced with an illegal for any reason and you want more of it. If you are going to shoot yourself in the foot don’t expect everyone to do the same.

  • Gordon Ingram

    Before the flurry of teacher bashing begins…
    I am a teacher in this state. I have taught for 18 years, quite successfully and hope to continue until I can retire. I do not expect any “thank yous” or “bless your heart, I don’t see how you do it.” from anyone. I don’t expect to make a fortune (knew that going into the profession) and do not think that what I do is above the job of anyone else. I’ll be the first to admit that there are folks in my profession that are lazy, dishonest, immoral, mean to children and think that they are “untouchable” because they have this thing called tenure. Would you not say that there are folks in every profession like that? I can certainly see how many people view this topic of tenure for teachers as unfair and something that usually does not happen in the working world, and you’re right, maybe it isn’t fair. In most of the working world, you are rated, judged, and paid on your productivity. I have no problem with that. Come into my classroom, watch me teach, and look at the work of my students. Rate me and pay me accordingly. Many think that once a teacher receives “tenure” they slack-off. I can assure you that although a few think that way, most of us (myself included) work harder now than we ever have.
    I feel the problem with this whole thing is twofold and really goes much deeper than tenure or pay scales. First, when I decided to become a teacher, went to school to earn the degree and license, and then signed a contract with a school system, I knew that I would be receiving certain things (a certain amount of pay based on a predetermined scale, health insurance that was covered by the state, a certain amount of days off, etc.) I made a decision to accept those terms. When most of the working world interviews for and accepts a job, they do much the same. They weigh the pros and cons of what the employer is offering and decides to take the job or not. At that time, the North Carolina General Assembly told me (through contract) that they would offer things and that after three SUCCESSFUL years of teaching, I would be given “Career Status” which meant that my license would be renewed on a five year cycle instead of year-to-year. The word “tenure” only meant that there was a predefined set of offenses that could result in loss of position/license and a system of due process in settling a dispute, should one arise. Many people feel that this is not “fair” and, as I said before, may be true. However, that is what I was offered by the State of North Carolina, what I agreed to in a signed contract, what i earned after teaching my three successful years, and what I have worked hard to keep for the past fifteen. Basically, if the legislature wants to remove “tenure” aka Career Status from the contract, fine, just allow those of us who have it, keep it. Although I would not agree with the removal, if it happens and new teachers sign the contract, then that is their decision. I just wonder how many coaches or parents (or legislators) would take a trophy away from their child years after they legitimately earned it?
    The second and much deeper reason I have a problem with all this focuses on the bigger plan that has been set in motion by our government, not just in our state. We’ve all heard about the Common Core curriculum. Some are fans and some hate it. It is just a part of a much bigger plan to destroy and dumb-down our children. I will not use any more time going into this now but will simply mention two things. First, parents please investigate this curriculum and what is happening to your children in our schools. To teachers, before you think that this backhanded, “bait and switch” offer from our senate is a good thing, ask yourselves why they are so eager to eliminate our career status. Perhaps it is because they want those of us that have been here for a while (and have seen how much better it has been before) to “move on down the line.” They failed on this stupid 25% thing and are now trying it again by offering the “biggest teacher pay raise in the history of North Carolina”, banking on the fact that you’ll jump at the money. Read the whole official senate document and you’ll see just how many dirty things there are in it.


      I find several of your points are valid,but the main crux that is being harped on by many of your peers is strictly salary!! The viable and smart resolution would be, as in the private sector pay for performance!! I have to reach and maintain quality as well as productivity to enhance my income. Why would this be found non workable to any honest worker ?

      • Gordon Ingram

        You are correct, many are focusing on salary. The reason though, I think, is that again we were “promised” for lack of a better word, a certain salary based on a pay scale created by our legislature. They are trying to change horses in mid-stream for those of us with career status, reneging on a contract we signed. Again, I have no problem being evaluated and paid for my performance providing the evaluation rubric is fair and valid (and created by educators and not legislators.) I think being performance-based pay is fine in general but this could all be resolved with a simple plan. Set your pay scale/criteria, give a simple cost of living increase and then “grandfather in” those of us that have career status.

    • news2me

      1. The lawmakers want the veteran teachers out so they do not have to pay them retirement and/or benefits.
      It takes more than walking into a classroom to evaluate a lesson 2 or 3 times to determine if a teacher is doing their job. (Especially with some of the evaluators…(they know nothing about managing a classroom or the content..not their fault…..but it is laughable)…Principals always know the mediocre vs the excellent teachers..
      The veteran teachers can mentor the new teachers but the state does not want that to happen..The state wants to control the new teachers like puppets on a string …

      2. The CCSS must go. They have Stop the Common Core websites in every state. If this CCSS curriculum and this Testing Mania continues, you are going to have a generation of children who can not …and….. I mean can not add a list of two-digit numbers or figure out 1/2 of a dollar. ……….
      NC Schools are in one of the most chaotic states ever…kids are learning only HOW TO TAKE and PASS A TEST…It is very laughable..All you have to do is try and …..”BUILD AN AIRPLANE IN THE SKY”…..

      Parents must keep fighting to end this CCSS…for the CHILDREN!!
      It will have to end and it will…………………………………….We elect these people that make these laws and we can unseat them in the next election…….

  • Farmgirl

    What about Cafeteria staff they are over worked and under paid they haven’t had a raise in 6 to 7 years.

  • indifferent

    If the classroom could be made an equal playing field and the performance of the teacher (not the students performance on one assessment) was evaluated, then I believe more individuals would
    agree with performance pay.

    • news2me

      :-)………………….Never will it be equal because each and every child is different…..Children should be taught as individuals and not used as a data point to compare them with another child. …


      Teacher A has 32 children who are considered to be low performers because of a test score…They all have contributions to make to our society but no one is attempting to nurture their talents….rather they are compared using the “One Size Fits All” mentality of the PHD’s who have never stepped inside of a classroom but read the data anyway they want the ball to roll…and it always rolls towards the money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and the Politicians..

      Teacher B- 12 children who excel in academics and always make Level 4’s on the test…always have…

      Fire Teacher A….and they do try to do exactly that.

    • JWS

      I heard many in the furniture industry say the exact same thing. ” If i am a good worker and do what I am told the boss man will take care of me”. How did that work out for them? No workers rights or benefits is exactly why all their jobs went to China. They closed plants when “they” choose and got rid of people on their schedule. To think you do not deserve any workers rights in this country is playing right into the hands of the same people that are sending the jobs to Mexico and China.

  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    It takes a special person with a lot of Patience to be a Teacher in the Schools today because they not only are dealing with the Children some of which think they’re too smart to be in school & create problems from day one…..2nd, the teachers have to deal with Obnoxious Parents who are as unruly as their Children going to the school & raising hell because some teacher actually corrected their little Angel. I would really like to be in the same classroom as some of the People that are commenting against Teachers & don’t believe Teaching is a real job & those of you that actually believe its easy to be around 30 or 40 kids all day long, just visit the schools sometimes, go into a classroom & see what really goes on & I’m not saying that ALL Kids are unruly or all parents are Obnoxious but it just takes a few of those types to ruin it for everybody else….so, people like “Looky Here” should try to walk in a teacher’s shoes for about a week then he/she would maybe have a different outlook on the subject at hand that is if he/she would admit it…..

    • news2me

      The very best students are the students whose parents work with the teacher.
      The worst students are the students whose parents blame the teacher.
      Their are many very good students in school…many…but principals allow the disruptive students to remain in class and this student causes complete chaos…No learning takes place when you have one or a few disruptive students in the class.
      There are some very good principals that do not allow this to happen.
      I could name the good ones and the bad ones…but I will not. ..When I say bad..I mean WEAK…and afraid of the parents who intimidate the teachers..

  • news2me

    This is the Insult of the Century…..It is so laughable, I expect MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and many others to take a bite of this ridiculous move on the part of a bunch of Political Mumbos…who are acting like Dumbos…

    You can have your money.. I am keeping my tenure….

    NC …it seems…is attempting to Rule like the “Kings” of the ancient world…
    They are the Kings…..ruling “The Teacher Kingdom”…..Pardon me..that is now “The Testing Kingdom”

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