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Proposed plan allows teachers to get raise if they give up tenure

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Public school teachers in North Carolina may soon have to choose between a pay increase or losing tenure.

A plan released by Senate Republicans Wednesday is proposing public schools teachers give up tenure in exchange for an 11.2 percent pay raise.

Teachers who work for four years earn tenure — protection that keeps them from being fired at will.

North Carolina is ranked 47th in the country for teacher pay.

Lawmakers say the proposal would boost that pay by nearly $6,000.

But many teachers like Amy Harrison who teaches special education at Reedy Fork Elementary School think the plan is insulting.

“I don’t think it should be a bargaining chip,” said Harrison whose been teaching for 14 years. “If you give up your due process rights, we’ll give you a raise. That’s not fair.”

If passed, teachers that choose to give up their tenure would see pay increases beginning July 1.


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