Couple rides horses from California to NC; journey takes nearly four years

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Tim and Lynn Tuggle (Credit: Disciples of Jesus Horsemen Facebook page)

EMERALD ISLE, N.C. — A California couple spent nearly four years riding horses across America. Their journey ended Wednesday in North Carolina.

WCTI reported that Tim and Lynn Tuggle began their journey in 2010 after selling or giving away their possessions. The Tuggles call themselves “Disciples of Jesus Horsemen.”

They spent three years and nine months riding across the country, praying for America and sharing their faith with people they met. The couple arrived in Emerald Isle in Carteret County yesterday.

“We relied completely on God as we crossed America, and he provided for us in ways it would take me weeks to tell you about,” Tim Tuggle said, according to WCTI.

Read more on the Tuggles at their Facebook page.


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