Sears donates roof for Thomasville woman targeted by roof repair scam

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. -- Over the years, FOX8 On Your Side has talked to a lot of people scammed out of big money by bad businesses and con artists.

Typically, their stories don't have a happen ending. But in this edition of On Your Side, Melissa Painter shows how airing a story on FOX8 made the difference for one woman in Thomasville.


  • GeoThom

    A brighter note…!
    It is good to see a major chain store coming to the aid and rescue of one of us small people.
    Great Job, FOX 8 and Sears…!

    A Happen Ending…?
    Yes, I know what was meant, but the fact remains, it was not said.
    (I can write off the cuff, precisely too… I need a job).

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