House of Raeford Farms to bring 200 jobs to Davie Co.

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DAVIE COUNTY, N.C. -- Two years after the Crestwood Farms Processing Plant closed in Mocksville, House of Raeford Farms has brought the facility back to life to expand its line of fully-cooked chicken products.

Company officials say they hope to hire as many as 200 people in the next few years.

"Oh man, that would put a lot of food on a lot of tables. It would definitely get a lot of bills paid for people who are jobless, driving outside of Mocksville to look for employment," said Christopher Singletary, a Mocksville resident.

Davie County officials say 35 full-time employees are already working at the Mocksville plant and veterans will get the first shot at new openings.

"We look forward to becoming an integral part of the Mocksville and Davie County community, both as an employer as well as a good corporate citizen," said Bob Johnson, president and CEO of the company.

Company officials say openings are limited right now, but they expect to have more production jobs to open up soon. Those interested in applying should contact the Employment Securities Commission.