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White House accidentally blows cover of top CIA official in Afghanistan

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The White House accidentally revealed the name of the CIA’s top intelligence official in Afghanistan to some 6,000 journalists.

The identity was on a list of people attending a military briefing for President Barack Obama during his surprise visit to Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan on Sunday.

It’s common for such lists to be given to the media, but names of intelligence officials are almost always not provided. In this case, the individual’s name was listed next to the title, “Chief of Station.”

The print pool reporter — a journalist allowed access to or information about an event who relays the information to the rest of the media — copied and pasted the list that was provided by the White House.

Print pool reports are then distributed by the White House press office, which does not edit them, to a media list.

In this case, the same reporter, who works for the Washington Post, noticed the unusual entry after the list was distributed and then checked with officials.

The White House distributed a shorter list from a different reporter that did not include the station chief’s name.

A station chief heads the CIA’s office in a foreign country, establishing a relationship with its host intelligence service and overseeing agency activities.

The identity of station chiefs, like most CIA officers, are rarely disclosed to protect them and their ability to operate secretly.

Given the potentially dangerous nature of the situation, CNN has not broadcast or published online the name of the official.


  • Dopple

    “accidentally”…yeah right. Obama and his cohorts hate this country with a passion, They want to take it down.

  • r

    Obama is the most overhyped, unaccomplished, and incompetent political hack of the 21st Century, and we, the citizens, are left to suffer for his incompetence…………

  • Kill The Poor

    Again the hypocrisy and stupidity of republicans and the dumbass rednecks that infest this state shows. Valerie Plame? Scooter Libby? But if the republicans do it, it all forgotten. They get a pass at destroying America then blame democrats for doing the same thing. Hope all you republicans enjoy cleaning up you governor’s coal ash spill. I’m sure he appreciates it. Sheep!

    • dobydog1

      under which governor were the coal ash pits created? which party has gotten way with BENGHAZI, FAST AND FURIOUS, AP, IRS, NSA scandals?

      • Kill The Poor

        Plame’s position was classified. Her husband saw the Bush lie about those wmd’d and she was exposed. End of story. Quit trying to justify it. Bush did the same thing Obama just did but you can’t own up to it. Again hypocrisy is what republicans are best at. Yeah the Duke coal ask pits were around before your idiot governor was elected. But of course it took an environmental disaster to adddress it. Also considering that he worked for Duke Energy for almost 30 years, and appointed the head of the NCDENR, it’s convient that it was never a problem until it became a problem. That $99,000 fine? yeah that will show them. Considering that republicans believe what there told, I guess you believe Duke Energy what they say they will pay for the clean up. They will reimburse the feds after they raise your bill. Oh and you want to talk about Obama’s lies.The lies about Iraq, Afghanistan which resulted in the deaths of over 6,800 American servicemen and women (we know Benghazi, Benghazi), which by the way Bush had 13 embassy attacks while president resulting in 86, 86 deaths! Where was the “outrage” republicans? Bush’s pre 9/11 intelligence failure,. “MIssion Accomplished”, Sent our miitary into Iraq/Afghanistan under manned and ill equipped. Bush’s medicare reform that would be paid for that wasn’t. Should I keep going? Or do you just want to keep whining since republicans are so good at it?

  • Hobbes

    Valerie Plame? So Hollywood is going to make this agent a hero, create a fantasy movie about him and make sure he’s on every magazine cover so he can retire wealthy? The hypocrisy is yours.

  • dobydog1

    are they going to go after whoever did this with the same venom that they did the person who supposedly leaked valerie plame name after she was retired?

  • Debbie

    I truly believe Obama has done and is still doing everything possible to destroy this country. I also believe the only reason he ever won the title of President of this great country us because he’s black , because we all know he’s not qualified. The Republicans dropped the ball when they didn’t pick a better candidate to run against him both elections. The choice was bad or badder . Obama is more worried about being a celebrity than being President.

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