Mother ‘high on PCP’ accused of attempting to drown daughters over snacks

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DALLAS, Texas — A mother in Dallas has been arrested after admittedly attempting to drown her children in a bathtub while high on PCP, according to CBS 11.

Sonja Gardner, 36, was arrested and it was reported that she later confessed to trying to drown the girls because they wouldn’t stop asking for snacks.

The girls, ages 4 and 6, were saved by Gardner’s 18-year-old son before fleeing the scene himself.mother Collage

Neighbors say they heard the girls screaming before seeing the 18-year-old run out with a soaking wet child. It was reported he went back into the house, but found the bathroom door locked so he shot a gun at the ceiling.

The mother released the second child and the brother moved both children to safety.

The son, who has a probation violation, fled the scene before police arrived. An aunt has taken custody of the children.

Based on witness accounts of the incident, the mother was arrested and has been charged with two counts of attempted capital murder.

Both children are reportedly staying with a foster family.

Source: CBSDFW


  • lIZ m

    I was reading other replies to stories (stupid bleeding hearts) before I read this story. Now when people start reading this story, their bleeding hearts will start pouring out for this piece of trash of a woman. PEOPLE ARE JUST IGNORANT. Whatever crime you commit, you deserve what you get whether you get your butt kick, arrested, or shot dead by a cop. Your old enough to know better and know the consequences.

    • james

      you’re stupid too, there is a big difference between forgiving and sympathy, know what your saying before you open that cock smoocher again

  • Sinner 2

    Such areal life POS_!! She should be put down !! The kids are with family members probably just as bad as this one or worse !!

  • Mark Stabler

    The boys actions should be overlooked. Apparently he saved the girls from a certain death. If there was ever a time to look the other way…this is it.

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