Man accused of killing Marine veteran and son on Memorial Day before committing suicide

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William S. Powers Jr., Mark Massoletti, Michael Massoletti.

BAYOU L’OURSE, La. — A Marine veteran and his son are dead after a deadly home invasion early Monday morning in Louisiana.

According to WAFB, William S. Powers Jr., 32, walked into his neighbor’s unlocked home around 4 a.m. and began attacking a man in his bedroom.

Mark Massoletti, 52, was asleep with his girlfriend when deputies say Powers attacked Massoletti. The girlfriend ran to get help from Mark’s son, 23-year-old Michael Massoletti.

Michael was asleep in another bedroom with his new wife, who called 911 and was able to run out of the house.

Michael found his father, Mark, and father’s girlfriend fighting with the intruder.

The girlfriend was bale to get away, but both the father and son were killed. The intruder then reportedly took his life with a small caliber rifle.

Both Mark and Michael appear to have suffered from multiple cuts and lacerations, but the actual cause of death will not be determined until an autopsy is complete.

The two woman were treated at the hospital for minor injuries.

Officials say Powers was released from jail on May 7, 2013 after serving a six-month sentence for simple battery, disturbing the peace, battery of a police officer and resisting an officer.

WAFB reported that the deadly home invasion was the result of an ongoing dispute between neighbors. Powers lived across the street from Mark and Michael Massoletti.

Source: WAFB


  • Khai

    I highly doubt the fact it was memorial day an done of the victims was a veteran had anything to do with this. I hope the victims rest in peace, however, the media’s attempt and sensationalizing is sickening and pathetic.

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