Dad protests school on Memorial Day, says school district ‘is spitting in the face’ of veterans

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DENHAM SPRINGS, La. (WVLA) — Many school students had the day off today, but classes were in session in Livingston Parish. One parent says his kid shouldn’t have been in class because it’s disrespectful.

“This country is what it is because people have been willing to sacrifice for it, and today, Livingston Parish School District is spitting in the face of every veteran of this country, whether they’re alive or dead,” said the veteran.

This dad did not want to be identified, but had no problem protesting on the side of North Range Avenue, across from Denham Springs High School. He said this story is not about him. It’s about respect.

He’s mad his son is taking final exams on Memorial Day.

“My wife and I assumed that he was going back to school Tuesday, and he let us know last night that he had an exam today. It actually caused an argument because I was you know I was, there’s no way you’re going to school, it’s Memorial Day!” said the veteran.

He served in the United States Marine Corps.

“I really don’t know how to express how angry I am about this,” he said.

He set up shop. He put up signs because he wants the Livingston Parish School Board to know he’s upset, and feels like keeping schools open on Memorial Day shows a total lack of respect.

“I’m upset about it. I didn’t figure going into the school and throwing a fit would do anything but get me in trouble,” he said. “So, I parked across the street and made some signs and I just want people to understand, to ask ‘why?'”

The Livingston Parish School Assistant Superintendent said they had no choice. Extra state accountability testing and graduation schedules forced the school system to push back the school year.

“Mardi Gras was important enough for them to have two days off, and yet the day that’s set aside to honor the men and women that have died for this country, aren’t important enough to give these kids a day off from school to honor them?”

This dad hopes the people who saw him protesting will see his side of the story.

“Maybe I can open some eyes. Maybe enough people will see it so that at the next school board meeting, we can make sure that this doesn’t happen again,” he said.

The School System officials we talked with said there’s no disrespect intended. They said Livingston Parish students, teachers, and parents have known about the school calendar all year long.


    • news2me

      I am surprised that an adult would make such a disrespectful comment to a veteran who has served our country and fought for our FREEDOM…..Then again…Maybe I am not replying to an adult…but a child.

  • ratfink

    why would you argue with your kid? its not like the kid wanted to go to school on memorial day, he HAD to. anyways, in the real world everybody else had to go to work, so big deal. plus we have veteran’s day anyways. which i might add kinda includes the stuff memorial day has.

    • ratfink

      look, i joined the military at 18 because i wanted too. not because it duty or anything like that. it was an opportunity to see the world and many others have joined for the same self-serving reasons. i do not want to be honored for doing something i choose to do for my own reasons, nor do i want to be used as a tool to recruit others in trying to make it something its not. its a job and nothing more. soldiers as well as everyone in general that performs a function in society cashier,bagboys etc deserve the same amount of respect and dignity. the father seems to feel like he is owed something for a job he signed up for, which is not acceptable behavior. do you give money in the collection plate and make sure everyone sees how much you give? to show what a pious person you really are. and when no one says anything, pitch a fit exclaiming your sacrifice. it seems very petty to demand respect, especially since no disrespect is directed directly at would be different if only his kid had to go but that’s not the case. he needs to be an adult.

  • news2me

    “state accountability testing” ……so …..They opened the schools on one of the most important days of the year Honoring our Beloved and Brave Veterans all for the sake of those STATE TESTS!!!!!!!!???????
    Glad to see this parent involved….School is no longer teaching anything but a test…Parents had better get involved or this generation will be the poorest educated generation of any to this date….

  • Steve

    Whose idea was it to take 2-days off for Mardi Gras? Those are the people who need to explain themselves.

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