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Three killed, five wounded in Myrtle Beach shootings

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — Five people were shot and three were killed Saturday night in downtown Myrtle Beach, police Capt. David Knipes said Sunday.

The deadly incident occurred at the beachfront Bermuda Sands motel, where three men were killed and one person was wounded. Knipes said no one has been arrested.

Horry County Deputy Coroner Darris Fowler identifies the victims as Jamie Williams, 28, of Ladson, Devonte Dantzler, 21, of Summerville, and Sandy Gaddis Barnwell, 22, of Summerville. He says all three victims died from trauma to vital organs due to gunshot wounds, according to WBTW.

A witness told CNN affiliate WPDE that one of the victims ran after the shooting but eventually collapsed.

“It was like to the point where he had a lot of blood everywhere and he was just trying to breathe” and he died, Jamont Samuel told the station.

At the time of the shooting, people lined the sidewalks of Ocean Boulevard, which was jammed with Memorial Day vacationers and people who came to the area for Atlantic Beach BikeFest.

“I was scared to death. I just took off and started running. I was scared,” Debra Lovack told WPDE.

In one of the other nearby incidents, a woman was shot in the chin and a man in the shoulder. There were four other shootings where two people were wounded, police said.

Knipes said police don’t believe the shootings are connected.


  • MarineDad

    I remember back in the day when you could go and have a great time and not worry about thugs and guns!!! Wow 3 dead in one night during this mess and just 2 dead during the whole year last year!!

  • Brian owman

    “Bunch of thugs, BIKE FEST what is that anyway there’s too much anger in these people all they study is RAISING HELL making the residents angery, and angering the innocent tourists mad.

    • richard

      The leaders of their community need to preach accountability and responsibility,instead of victim-hood..Its not always someone elses fault.

  • sophie

    They behave just like wild animals running in packs. Just look at Chicago, Detroit, now Myrtle Beach. And for those who try and deny it you’d better wake up. Truth hurts.

  • Katy Bowman

    I live at Myrtle Beach now. I can confirm that this weekend was just awful. Way too much traffic and now this. Between Bike Week and Bike Fest the whole month of May is ruined for those who live here. I hope to be able to go to the mountains during May for the whole month next year.

      • Katy Bowman

        Yes Leonard it may be true that if I wanted peace and quiet I shouldn’t have moved to a tourist town but we are talking about bikers invading a vacation place for families by the thousands. Why should we have to put up with that?? Not to mention rasing H@ll and shooting people. Families I can put up with.

  • impeach obama!!!

    Black bike week no surprise, store owners have tried to.close there shops and restaurants during black bike week because people would come in to eat and not pay or just steal but the NAACP sued myrtle beach because they said that was racist! They ruin everything Nd the NAACP is the most racist organization in America!

    • lewis

      Glad no one died from your family. This is senseless killing. I guess it’s justified because blacks killed other blacks. When and if this ever happens to your family, certainly you will not expect any sympathy.

  • j

    They should cancel bike week because u never hear about this shit at myrtle beach untill a certain bike week with a bunch of thugs

  • shhcrush

    Funny how people can bash “Black Bike Week” , call names and stereotype, but did or does anyone mention the massive slaying that took place in California? Oh excuse me that was a “White Man”! Idiots I swear! Get over your racism please move on and mind your own. It will make for a better place!

    • heather

      It’s not about a race thing so that’s ignorant to say! I LIVE IN MB, it’s about the lack of respect for people’s lives, safety, property, etc….reports keep coming today from fri, sat & Sun several more shootings, countless robberies back to back ,muggings on the road , this all happens in 20 times a day this week ONLY!

    • LadyBoop

      I agree. I dnt understand the racial tension. All colors kill & gang bang. Who even said it was blacks shooting & killing. I went to bike week this year & I seen a few white bangers. Let the racism go plz

  • Earl Baker

    Oh yeah…Jesus would be right in the middle of Bike Week. He’d be there now if someone would just invite Him.

  • John Smith

    All my friends fully believe that carrying guns will solve all problems. Concealed carry is the only way. Shoot-em up cowboys!

  • Irene

    Really all the people making negative comments about blacks should be ashamed. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is stupid comes in every color. The fact I live among some of you making racist comments really makes me sick.

    • Jim

      Okay Irene – Go move to northeast Greensboro in the blackest neighborhood you can find, then get back with me. You uneducated slob.

  • GeoThom

    @ SEXY,(?),
    Have you taken the time to notice that everyone of these mass shooters all have some things in common? First, all have been Democrats, (True), and each one has appeared to be tripped out on some kind of powerful psychotic chemical agent, (True). And also, (but not least), at least 2 of them had kinfolk who are tied to the Federal Government in some way or another. Please, do not take my word for it, check it out for yourself…

    My wife, daughter and I had the misfortune of going on vacation during Black Bike Week in 2005, or 2006.
    As we were stuck in all the traffic, we could not help but see Black girls on the backs of bikes, in mini skirts, and WITHOUT any form of underwear on, bobbing their behinds up and down, showing themselves to each vehicle they passed. My daughter, wife, and myself, were subjected to this. I had no way of stopping it, and the bikers knew it.
    The police told us they could do nothing, for fear of, “somebody”, squalling Racism, and then starting a Riot…
    In fairness, I have never been down there during White Bike week, and if the White girls are doing this, then they are Filthy No Account Trash as well.

    Now imagine yourself reversed into the same situation. How would You feel about this nonsense?
    I was not born a racist. It is people like you, and the trashy Black girls on the backs of those bikes, that have made me who I am. Please Feel Free to get back to me on this,
    (right after you learn how to spell, and form complete sentences)…
    If I am a Racist, it is because I have been made to be one.

  • Not All Of Us

    So, just curious. For those of you posting generalizations about the behavior of “Blacks”, do you think all “Blacks” behave in a thuggish manor? I personally would not classify myself as such, nor would I feel comfortable having my family in an environment like a bike fest. But reading the comments makes it sounds as if the majority of you think all “Black” are one in the same.

  • bre

    These racist comments are so ignorant it’s pathetic!!! How can you down african americans like people of EVERY race don’t commit hideous crimes??? Pointing the finger at a particular race and talking down about them is not going to change the fact that whites, blacks, Mexicans,etc etc are still killing EVERYDAY, EVERYWHERE!!!! You all need to grow the fuck up!! & look at world wide news more!!!

  • Lisa

    Last time I checked heart disease was the #1 killer. Not black people. And I’m pretty sure discrimination or canceling bike week won’t prevent heart disease, cancer, ect. That’s like saying shut down every fast food chain because people (notice I didn’t use a certain race; just like black people aren’t the only ones committing crimes)
    “choose” eat to much and become obese. New flash!!!!:That ain’t gonna happen.
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