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‘No weapons’ sign at NC restaurant draws fire after armed robbery

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


DURHAM, N.C. – An armed robbery at a North Carolina barbecue restaurant with a “no weapons, no concealed firearms” sign on the front door is drawing the attention of gun rights advocates who oppose the policy, according to

WTVD-TV reported that police are searching for three suspects involved in an armed robbery at Durham’s newly-opened barbecue restaurant, The Pit Authentic Barbecue.

Authorities said just before 9 p.m. Sunday, three men wearing hoodies entered the restaurant through the back doors with pistols, and forced several staff members on the floor.

Officials said the suspects assaulted two employees during the crime, but they were not seriously injured.

Owner Greg Hatem also said there were a few patrons in the dining room while the robbery was happening in the kitchen area. Workers were able to ask them to leave, and got them out safely through the front door.

“We’re offering $2,000 for the arrest and conviction of these guys,” Hatem said. “We take this very seriously. We want to make sure our guests and our staff are taken care of.”

The irony of a gunpoint holdup at a “no weapons” restaurant was not lost on the NC Gun Blog.

“I am very glad that no one was seriously injured. But everyone involved needs to face one very important fact. They were not murdered only because the robbers did not decide to kill them. The robbers had all the power. No one could resist them. Why? Because the owner of The Pit Authentic Barbecue has banned guns in his restaurant,”  wrote the NC Gun Blog. 

Similar sentiments showed up on The Pit’s Facebook page.

“What a shame those robbers didn’t obey your no guns allowed signs,” was one comment. “Ha Ha…YOU GOT ROBBED. So much for a gun-free zone,” was another.


  • wayne swicegood

    If a eatery posts a no-weapons sign on the door I go elsewhere. No need to give my money to a business that does not support the U.S. Constitution. This is a classic example of how stupid gun control laws only work to disarm law-abiding citizens. I am glad no patrons of the eatery were hurt but the business owner got what was coming to him. Apparently he likes being a victim.

    • tony

      what are the odds you’re going to get blown away was eating a burrito at Chipotle? or Whole Foods? consider the source

  • Terry Jordan

    Glad no-one was hurt. Glad WAYNE SWICEGOOD was not there to shoot up the place and possibly kill the workers or owner. It’s better that way WAYNE.

  • Lou Whow

    The owner is an anti-gun zealot. So don’t expect him to see the light. He connected to certain anti-gun groups in NC

  • jliles1205

    Those who violate the Law of Unintended Consequences will be found guilty in the court of public opinion. There are so many excellent BBQ restaurants that are not afraid of lawful peace loving Americans.

  • Megan White

    You people are idiots. Most public places have these signs. You don’t know how the owner feels about gun control. I work in a grocery store and have been robbed at gun point. To say someone deserves that, is disgusting. You know what they say about karma!!

  • Friedl VanHook

    No, Megan White, most public places in NC do not have that sign. Just government buildings that provide armed officers within, and businesses like this that have folded to “Moms Against Brathing” or something…my husband and I carry our weapons all the time with no problems, even our grocery store. What chain do you work at that doesn’t allow guns?


      There are more businesses that does NOT have a sign up on there door than the ones that do. Not sure what world she is living in. No one is saying that you will not get robbed without a sign on the door. But your odds of being robbed just went up!!!!

  • John Smith

    What we need is some full scale gun fights in restaurants. Then we can have a full scale “ain’t it awful” parade on the “tragedy” of it all.

    • Mandy

      I agree with everyone except a few here, I will not support any restaurant that tries to force their politics on others. I, personally do not handle guns but, I support the constitutional right of myself and others to do so. No Restaurant owner is going to deny me my right.

  • David

    All customers were allowed to leave unharmed, and no employees were seriously injured in the process. Sounds like a best case scenario to me.

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