Charlotte woman fights off two would-be robbers

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A woman fought off a few men who tried to rob her in Charlotte — and she still has her purse and the money inside.

WSOC-TV reported that police are trying to track the men who allegedly followed, assaulted and tried robbing Summer Hill at gunpoint on Thursday.

Hill struggled but did not let the men rob her.

“He was not getting my purse,” she said.

On Thursday morning, a man was captured on surveillance cameras at the Petro Express on Clanton Road.

He walked up behind Hill while she stood in line.

Hill explained that the man first reached for her pocket and attempted to pull money out. She then confronted him and he backed off.

Hill believes that the man went outside and saw the money in her purse sitting in her car. Police said that he and another man followed her to the motel across the street.

Hill saw one of the men out of the corner of her eye as she approached her room.

“He runs up to me with the gun, like ‘give me that (expletive),'” she said.

Hill refused to let him have her purse, even after he hit her in the head with the gun.

“He wasn’t getting my purse.  I don’t care how scared I was.  It’s mine, it’s not yours,” she said.

Hill banged on the window of the room and called for help until the man gave up and jumped into his car leaving with his partner.

Hill was proud of her actions and has no regrets.

“I was happy that he didn’t get what was mine.  Because I would have been real mad I would have let him take what wasn’t his,” she said.

Police said it worked this time, but fighting with an armed man is a bad idea.

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