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Safety tips to know before jumping in the pool this summer

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Memorial Day weekend is here ... and that mean's it's time to head to the pool.

But there are a few things you need to know before jumping in.

FOX8's Shannon Smith stopped by Peeler Pool in Greensboro and learned these details:

Talk to your kids about the depth of the pool
Lifeguards say many kids try and go into deeper areas of the pool where they cannot stand, and end up finding it hard to stay above the water.

Stay with younger children in the pool
Parents are urged to stay with their younger children, especially under the age of 5, while they are in the pool.

No running near the pool
Lifeguards say it's very easy to slip on the deck of the pool and fall into the water.

Keep an eye on children
Just like lifeguards, parents are urged to keep an eye on their children and watch for signs they may be in distress while in the pool. Many will watch for a child flailing their arms and screaming, but lifeguards say most distressed or drowning victims will have their arms out and a silent, terrified look on their face.

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