Baby chimpanzee born at North Carolina Zoo

Chimpanzee Amy holding her baby girl (N.C. Zoo staff)

Chimpanzee Amy holding her baby girl (N.C. Zoo staff)

ASHEBORO, N.C. — The N.C. Zoo has welcomed a new member to their family, just in time for Memorial Day.

Zoo officials say a baby girl chimpanzee was born Tuesday to her chimpanzee parents, Amy and Lance.

The new baby has not yet been named.

There are now 17 chimps at the N.C. Zoo, including five chimps under the age of four.

Chimpanzees at the zoo are divided into two groups, and throughout the day both groups are on exhibit at different times. Each group has young playful gorillas zoo visitors can see on exhibit.

New additions at the N.C. Zoo this year include two baboons, an otter pup, three cougar kittens and a sitatunga.



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