SC man accused of assaulting woman with fudge bar


ROCK HILL, S.C. — Police are looking for a South Carolina man accused of assaulting an ice cream truck driver with a fudge bar.

WBTV reported that it happened Wednesday night in Rock Hill and involved a female ice cream truck driver.

The 37-year-old victim told police a young girl bought ice cream from her truck. She said the girl’s father confronted her for not giving the girl enough change.

The woman said she told the man she gave her daughter the right amount of change and he allegedly assaulted her with a fudge bar.

Police said the woman had a red mark on the inside of her forearm.

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  • Brian

    Sometimes I miss the pre-internet days where every fudge bar incident wasn’t considered a major news story….

      • FaithC

        Cheer mom – Just wanted you to know my stalker on here Jethro is the one who posted that comment to you. He does not post his nasty remarks under his own name. He is very brave behind his computer. That tells me he is a coward in real life.

  • its my business

    This sounds like a story the Monty Python gang would have had a bit of fun with during a skit. “Oh what? You hit me arm with a fudge bar, did you? Well, I’ll get you, yes I will. How about this?” She smacks him on the face with a very, very cold vintage ice cream scooper full of fresh cookie dough ice cream.

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