Dolphin euthanized after being found stranded on Carolina Beach

CAROLINA BEACH, N.C. — A dolphin was found stranded on Carolina Beach early Thursday, but because of its poor health had to be euthanized.

A passerby found the stranded animal washed up on the shore around 7 a.m.

WECT reported that UNCW Marine Wildlife responded and confirmed that it was a Risso’s dolphin, a species that usually dwells over 60 miles from shore.

A veterinarian arrived on the scene and determined that the dolphin had suffered several shark bites and was in poor health.

The dolphin was euthanized on scene and transported to UNCW for an autopsy.

According to the Director of Marine Mammal Stranding program, the dolphin was very sick, suffered shark bites, and was emaciated. He went on to say that typically only one or two of this type of dolphin will strand per year.

Source: WECT


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