Animal rights group releases video of bear cub ‘distressed’ in small zoo enclosure


CHEROKEE, N.C. — Animal rights group PETA is upset after obtaining footage of a bear cub who they say appears to be “in distress” in a small enclosure at the Cherokee Bear Zoo.

The video shows a baby brown bear calling out and pacing back and forth in the cage.

PETA says the footage was brought to them by a bear expert who also observed other alarming behaviors, according to WLOS.

A zoo staffer told WLOS on Wednesday that the 3-month-old cub never seems stressed, and only ever paces when she sees a bottle.

Visitors can pay to feed the cub and take photos near her. The cub’s mother is being kept in a separate enclosure due to space issues.

The zoo reportedly passed U.S.D.A. inspection a month ago, but on Wednesday PETA said either the situation was ignored, or the cub had gotten more upset since then.

Cherokee Bear Zoo reportedly has been under fire in the past for keeping animals in poor conditions.

Source: WLOS


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