Police arrest NC man accused of sexually assaulting girl, living in her closet

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IREDELL COUNTY, N.C. — Deputies have arrested a man they say sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl he met online.

According to WSOC, the girl’s mother found Jarred Workman, 27, of Albemarle, hiding in her daughter’s bedroom closet Friday.WORKMAN2

Police said the man had moved into the closet and was living there from April 27 through May 2.

The parents said they had no idea.

The daughter told police she met Workman online and arranged to meet with him, but she said he sexually assaulted her once they got to her house.

It was reported that Workman and the girl developed an online relationship three weeks before meeting in person.

Deputies said Workman ran out of the home after the mother opened up the closet door, and left so quickly he forgot his wallet and cellphone.

Workman is charged with 11 counts of statutory rape and five counts of statutory sex offense.

Source: WSOC


  • Dad

    The parents should be charged with being sorry parents. How can you have no idea someone is living in your daughters closet and they are having relations. You need to visit your daughters room more and be better parents. Also how does the daughter get raped 11 times without screaming out or something. Something doesn’t add up here…….more to come from this story.

      • WeBuiltThisCountry

        A 8th grader doesn’t know what they want. Their decision making skill’s haven’t developed yet. You sound like a perv saying “she wanted it.”Laws against children are designed for people just like you!

    • spotter

      Hey dad do you check your daughters closet,or behind the house are maybe he is in the garage or attic ?

  • Dee

    He sexually assaulted her but she was going to sleep in her house every night and she wasn’t telling anyone he was in the closet??????? There is more to this story. There has to be.

  • adia

    I’m glad they caught him and again I blame it on the parents ! This is the perfect example of the this generation and parents, A total disconnect of what is going on in your child (children) lives.

    • spotter

      Well Rebekah when the young girl is holding him against his will as just a SXual toy it is easy to fool the adults !!

  • spotter

    Yes another fine young man lead astray by the wicked,physical craving of hot blooded young ase !! I hope he can recover from such a heartbreaking situation !!

  • Sunshiny

    Until the rest of the story comes out, those accusing the GIRL of being a slut should keep their mouths shut. You don’t know what happened and you are persecuting her for no other reason than your biased views of teen girls’ sexuality. The only one who can pass judgement is God and I don’t see anyone here by that name.

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