NC school receptionist accused of sharing obscene photos with kids

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Paula Anglin (Source: Macon County Sheriff's Office)

FRANKLIN, N.C. — A receptionist at a Macon County middle school is accused of sharing inappropriate photos with students and was arrested Friday, according to deputies.

Macon County Sheriff Robert Holland said investigators were contacted after staff at Macon Middle School learned that the photos had been disseminated among students.

Holland said deputies spoke with adults and children as part of the investigation, in addition to seizing several items and arrested Paula Anglin, 43, of Franklin. According to the school’s website, Anglin is a receptionist.

Anglin was charged with one count of feloniously disseminating obscene materials to a minor and was released from jail on $15,000 bond.

“I encourage everyone to ‘parent up’ and know who and what your kids are doing on the Internet and who they are doing it with,” Holland said in a media release .”Don’t wait until your child becomes a victim to educate yourselves because chances are someone is already surfing the internet and looking for their next victim… and it could be in your own home and right under a parent’s nose.”

Deputies said the school district has been very cooperative with their investigation in response to Anglin’s arrest and another recent, unrelated arrest of a teacher at Macon Middle last week.

Macon County Schools Superintendent Dr. Chris Baldwin released the following statement to FOX Carolina regarding both arrests:

“The Macon County School system will cooperate fully with the Macon County Sheriff’s Department throughout this investigation. Our administrative staff will also work closely with law enforcement, community groups and parents to ensure that this does not happen again.”

Baldwin said Rouselle has submitted a resignation and Anglin was suspended pending an investigation.

Holland said both investigations are ongoing and additional charges are possible.

Deputies ask anyone with information related to the case or any other crimes involving children to call the Macon County Sheriff’s Office Juvenile Officers at 828-349-2104.


  • Spoony Jakson Esq.

    Got to love them Mt Folks, sharing porn with kids, what is next – bedding them……oh wait that seems to happen far to much already in NC schools. BUT the big problem is not enough money for 9 month a year jobs.

    • USMCVet

      Because even when it comes to the kids and their safety, this is still the United States where the legal system operates under the presumption that one is still innocent until proven guilty. Even with the most heinous evidence available and supporting the facts, until the individual is found guilty within a court of law, they are still presumed innocent of crimes.

  • WeBuiltThisCountry

    These predators are out of control.Pedophiles are savages and their victims are 93% likely to committe the same offense.Harsher prison sentence’s need to be inforced!Mandortory minimum’s need to be established.

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