Naked man jumps through sunroof of car, attacks woman

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DALLAS, Texas -- A Dallas woman says she's traumatized after a naked man jumped through her sunroof and started attacking her while she was driving.

A bystander recorded the incident with his iPhone.

The man punched and choked the woman, as the car went the wrong way down the road before it crashed into a utility pole.

Witnesses say the suspect had attacked a woman jogging with her baby, just moments before the second attack.

Source: WAGA-TV


  • Luvtheday

    Where is his mugshot? Was he on drugs, drunk or other? He belongs to the devil! What a slime bag!

  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    And Gun-Grabbers say women don’t need guns, the 1st women he attacked should have been carrying a gun & shot him right there on the spot, then he wouldn’t have been able to attack the 2nd women, I bet they both start carrying guns from now on, they both could have been murdered along with the Children….nowadays you have to protect yourself & your family because you can’t rely on anybody else coming to your aid, just shoot & answer questions later your life or your children’s lives depend on it….

    • ilovemykids

      JR I totally agree! Mess w/ this lady right here and I promise I will be the last one you mess with! I have my pistol that I carry and yes I have a permit along w/ a pump action 12 gauge shot gun so if you break into my house, well you will pumped full of lead! People are CRAZY and the police will not always be around or get to you in time. Learn to protect yourself. If you get a gun, be responsible and learn how to fire your weapon. Practice, practice, practice!

      • Jawaz Hameed

        Oh my God this is just obscene. Sick people using this situation to try and justify their sick obsession with guns is beyond a joke. I can’t wait until President Obama finally has these awful things banned for good.

  • Kat

    Jawaz Hameed, You have your opinion about guns, but I can tell from your name that you and/or your family were not born here. If you do not like our freedoms, then move elsewhere. I do not even own a gun, however I believe in peoples rights and the criminals are not going to just give up there guns, so why should someone that is just trying to protect themselves or their families.

    • mike bones

      uh Jawaz Hameed bin Laden or whatever, you and your president are whats wrong with this country. im american born and southern bred, guns founded this country when settlers were upset about a tax on ridiculous things such as tea, we all have had enough or frivilous taxes, gun control and socialism/communism. go to china buddy boy

  • Crystal Swisher

    what do guns have to do with this situation. This man was naked……he had no where to put a gun……..if he wanted to kill someone, he would have done it one way or the other.

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