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Georgia student’s yearbook quote could get her banned from graduation

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

yearbookCLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — A high school senior in Georgia could be banned from graduation after the fallout following her quote that appeared in the yearbook, according to WSB-TV.

Paris Gray is the senior class vice president, a member of SADD and the Beta Club, and a leader on campus. However, she could be kept from walking at graduation next week, according to the report.

Gray received in-school suspension and was kept from a senior walk event last week after yearbooks were distributed to students.

Inside the yearbook was Gray’s quote. The message read:

“When the going gets tough, just remember to Barium Carbon Potassium Thorium Astatine Arsenic Sulfer[sic] Utranium[sic] Phospheros[sic].”

However, it’s the abbreviation for those elements that got her in trouble.

“I think their reaction was beyond what it should have been because nobody understood it,” Gray told WSB-TV. Gray said the message was not flagged by editors.

Gray was told her planned graduation ceremony speech has been canceled. A school district spokesperson says that no final decision has been made.



  • Mary

    This is absolutely ridiculous that anyone thinks this is wrong, I’m moving to Sweden. This girl did nothing wrong.

  • Plynn

    Really.. maybe the ones who are mad about it being in the yearbook should have reread everything before being printed. Iss maybe but anything more is to much. I’m sure she worked her butt off and even lost a lot of sleep to graduate with her class and keeping her from something she worked so hard for because she was being immature is to much. Kids don’t snap into mature once the 18 birthday comes. It takes longer for some. I say if she got iss that should be the end.

  • Tracey

    All of y’all who stated something negative about this teenage girl are losers and need to get a life. What she did was not right but all of us have been teenagers before and have done things that we have questioned later on. It’s sad to see all the hate in the world. You all are acting like she committed a crime. Get over yourselves already and grow up, you all are the adults so act like it.

  • Charlene Burbett

    Really? Back that *** up? She couldn’t think of something more clever to say that way? Every time I read a news story about our nations youth I lose a little more faith in humanity. It’s really going to be like that movie “Idiocracy” one day…….

  • Bay

    Why didn’t someone over look it? If it’s such a big deal why didn’t whoever is upset over it look at all of them? Just. Get. Over. It. End of story.

  • Random Teacher

    She needs to Tungsten, Astatine, Carbon, Hydrogen, Hydrogen, Erbium, Molybdenum, Uranium, Thorium!

  • Hello

    Apparently she is smarter than the administration… because they didn’t catch it. Perhaps that is why they are upset?

  • barkyrose

    I personally find it clever. As for blame, maybe the yearbook staff should have caught it before publishing it if it is really that big of a deal? Hmm just a thought.

  • Transcender

    Oh Come on!!! Seriously??? This girl was so clever to come up with this!!! She should receive a slap on the back with a wink. Her speech shouldn’t have been cancelled. And definitely, she should be allowed to walk with the graduates of her class. I think it’s clever and hilarious.

  • Random101

    Our society has given us the message it is okay to do things like this. So I say for people to get over it and let the girl walk.

  • Rancid Hopkins

    Couldn’t agree more. Anyone who misspells three critical elements should be denied graduation.

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