24-year-old Va. woman charged in death of 20-month-old

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dp-norfolk-woman-murder-death-toddler-001NORFOLK, Va. — A 24-year-old Norfolk woman was arrested Sunday and charged in the death of a 20-month-old toddler, according to WTKR.

Norfolk Police say Emily Defries identified herself as the stepmother of the 20-month-old girl. She was babysitting her and two other children on Sunday.

Defries called 911 around 5:36 p.m. Sunday and told dispatchers she found the girl at the bottom of the steps inside the home.

Medics responded and transported the girl to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Defries told investigators that she had periodically checked on the girl while she was sleeping upstairs.


  • Ashley

    im am so sick of stupid people hurting sweet innocent children!!!!!!everytime i come on this website there is a story about someone abusing or killing these innocent little children!!!!!!!!its horrible and it has to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this is why i dont and wont put my daughter in a daycare, you cant trust anyone, i love my lil girl more than anything and would do anything in the world for her, i dare someone try to hurt her, it would be the last thing they ever did, sad thing about all this is sometimes these poor innocent children are harmed by the very ones that are suppose to protect them, just horrible!!

  • Bedwell

    you are 100% correct. EVERY day there’s several articles on babies & young children dying at the hands of the ones that should, w/out hesitation, lay down their own lives for these babies. its absolutely gut wrenching to hear what some of these pitiful, defenseless kids go thru. The only oz of good is that the poor babies will be free of spending a life time of suffering the abuse of their abusers, but it in no way makes the sickness credible. I feel like each & every one of these murderers should have the same thing done to them that they did to those kids.

    • Wjb

      she has only been charged, not convicted, wait for the courts to decide. It was a terrible accident, horrible for all involved. If she was such a bad person how come her fiance and others are standing up for her. She is a good mother and a kind person that you don’t know personally, I do… don’t make snap judgements over a news report that dosen’t even have all the facts straight!

  • Bedwell

    May God bless these beautiful, pure & innocent soles so they may rest in peace for all eternity

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