Yadkin Co. woman shocked, thrown 20 ft.; says survival ‘a miracle’

RALEIGH, N.C. — A Yadkinville woman who was shocked by electricity while working near power lines this weekend says her survival is a miracle.

Sonya Jones and her husband, Shane, own a tree-cutting business based in Yadkinville. They were working on a job in Raleigh this past Saturday clearing tree branches away from power lines.

“We’d gotten all the tops done, we were home free, down to the easy part,” she explained. But the situation suddenly turned dangerous.

Sonya said her husband was in the bucket of their truck working up in the trees. She was on the ground.

They aren’t sure if part of the truck hit a power line or if electricity arced onto the truck, but suddenly Sonya saw fire around the underside of the vehicle.

“The flames just came from nowhere and both the tires were on fire, and it was getting higher and higher,” she explained.

“In the moment, it all happened so fast. I didn’t think about the electricity. I just thought something had caught fire so I ran to the truck to get the fire extinguisher,” she said.

Just that morning, Sonya had put a new fire extinguisher in their truck.

When she grabbed the door handle, Sonya felt a shock through her entire body. She was thrown 20 or 30 feet from the truck, she said.

Her husband was able to get down safely because the arm of the truck was insulated and he was not hurt in the bucket. Shane hit a release button to turn the power off. They said the flames went out immediately, and paramedics were there within minutes.

Sonya said doctors at UNC Hospital warned her about possible long-term damage from electric shock.

“‘Your organs will probably fail, you could have a heart attack,’ all these things that are probably going to happen to you; so I was really scared,” she said.

But her only injuries are burns on one hand and both feet.

Sonya and her family believe it’s a miracle she was released from the hospital only 24 hours later.

“God was with her. It’s a miracle,” said Sonya’s mom Pamela Jones. “It’s changed my outlook on everything. Everything.”

Sonya’s right hand was burned where she grabbed the door handle. Their truck and equipment is still in Raleigh, but they said there is a left hand print melted into the truck near where Sonya was shocked. They aren’t sure where it came from but don’t think it’s Sonya’s.

Sonya believes her survival was more than just luck. “Some people don’t believe in stuff, but I do. With all my heart.”


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