Pool inspections underway in Forsyth Co.

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- It's a busy week for county inspectors looking over public pools, including three city pools, in time for Memorial Day weekend.

The city plans to open Kimberly Park, Bolton and Parkland pools Saturday at noon with the five remaining city pools opening over the next several weeks.

In addition to cleaning the pools and preparing the water, city staff are training and testing lifeguards this week.

"Some of these lifeguards have not been in the water since last August," said trainer Dick Butler, with the City of Winston-Salem. “They are going to be excellent in their skills and, if not, tomorrow night I will tell them there is no job.”

The city hires around 70 lifeguards to keep watch of the estimated 50,000 people who will visit. Lifeguard positions are still available by applying online at cityofws.org.

Tanglewood Pool, another popular spot, plans to open for the season Saturday at 11 a.m.