Group looking at ways to increase High Point ‘Uptowne’ area’s value

HIGH POINT, N.C. — High Point’s City Project believes putting North Main Street on a diet is the best way to bring interest and growth to Uptowne High Point. But some High Point council members say taking away two lanes is a bad idea.

So, City Project turned to real estate consultant Joe Minicozzi for help.

“You will experience a real estate appreciation with that project,” says Minicozzi.

According to Minicozzi, a smaller Uptowne North Main Street will bring sidewalk cafes, shops and condos. With greater interest, property values will go up and High Point would get more money in the form of taxes.

City Project Chairman Richard Wood hopes the study will persuade city council members to embrace the idea of reducing the lanes on North Main Street from the Library to the intersection of North Main Street and Lexington Avenue.

“I hope so,” he said. “How can you argue with facts? How can you say ‘no’ about talking about this?”


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