Group looking at ways to increase High Point ‘Uptowne’ area’s value

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- High Point's City Project believes putting North Main Street on a diet is the best way to bring interest and growth to Uptowne High Point. But some High Point council members say taking away two lanes is a bad idea.

So, City Project turned to real estate consultant Joe Minicozzi for help.

"You will experience a real estate appreciation with that project," says Minicozzi.

According to Minicozzi, a smaller Uptowne North Main Street will bring sidewalk cafes, shops and condos. With greater interest, property values will go up and High Point would get more money in the form of taxes.

City Project Chairman Richard Wood hopes the study will persuade city council members to embrace the idea of reducing the lanes on North Main Street from the Library to the intersection of North Main Street and Lexington Avenue.

"I hope so,” he said. “How can you argue with facts? How can you say ‘no’ about talking about this?"


  • ratfink

    let’s be honest, why don’t we just ask nido what too do. i mean his word carries more weight than any citizen of high point has or ever will. and the powers that be would not dare move without orders from his majesty. why don’t we just cut the foreplay and rename “high point” to “qubeinville” or ‘nidostowne”. i sure he can write that check to cover the cost of whatever the assclowns on our beloved city council need. i’ve got it why not sell WWND bracelets instead to raise money for the “city”. maybe one day we can have a real newspaper again! see you all later at the punchline.

  • Chucky

    Rather than the city paying for “experts” to come in and tell them what to do, they need to pull their heads out of their tails and see that the city doesn’t have anything other than the furniture market because that is about the only thing they support. They improve the city only to make it more attractive to market goers. The reason the property values are going down is because they are only in demand 4-6 weeks out of the year. Narrowing Main St. will not do anything but make it a nightmare for everyone to navigate. Look at MLK, Jr. Blvd in Greensboro. They narrowed it and all it does is make people weave all over everywhere while they are still trying to drive through the neighborhood to get somewhere else. If you want to keep me away from Main St. narrow it, I can assure you the road will not be able to handle the current traffic if it is two lanes. Idiots.

  • Bart

    Reducing Main St. to two lanes is one of the most retarded things I’ve ever heard. Main St is used as a commuter route and cutting those two lanes out is just going to infuriate people. Other routes are available but would take longer.

    Don’t forget that the part of Main St mentioned is an often used route for people going to the hospital.

    Any supposed increase in taxes from doubtfully increasing property values and doubtfully attracted businesses would not offset the losses incurred by High Point driving pissed off people away. You do not attract business by making it harder to get around.

    If you can’t attract businesses to a mall, thinking you can attract new and different businesses to an area already full of buinesses is ridiculous. I’ve walked that area for exercise and don’t remember seeing much not used. I imagine those business owners really appreciate the slap in the face.

  • Tammy Blackburn

    I think HP should be concerned with the drug (ie Heroin) problem before worrying how to increase the value of the city. I don’t care if they sell the whole city to HPU at this point- it’s not gonna solve all the other issues the City has. Priorties people, priorties.

    • ratfink

      you know the heroin trade has been going on for a while now? our tiny police department can’t stop it or even our nation can’t. it is a trend that comes an goes and me thinks the news overblowth itself. more people die from care wrecks than heroin, but we don’t want to ban cars now do we?

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