Belk to close store at Four Seasons Town Centre in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Belk has announced plans to close its store at Four Seasons Town Centre early next year.

Belk spokeswoman Jessica M. Graham said the company plans to close the store in February 2015.

Graham said to better meet the needs of the Triad market, the company plans to focus their resources and efforts on a major expansion and remodeling of the Belk store at Friendly Center.

Fashion styles change with time and retail experts say malls are seeing a new trend.

"On a national scale, we’ve definitely seen consumers move from a traditional mall to the lifestyle center shopping. In Greensboro, with the Friendly Center, consumers are demonstrating a preference for that kind of shopping", says Roger Beahm, with Wake Forest's Center for Retail Innovation.

Beahm says the shift from traditional malls to lifestyle centers are catering to consumers.

"Gone are the days where people have a lot of time to go and spend browsing through the mall and shopping at all the stores," says Beahm.

The Belk at Friendly Center will reopen as a flagship store this fall.

Full statement from Belk: 

"In our ongoing efforts to better serve and meet the shopping needs of our customers in Greensboro and the greater Triad market for the long term, we have decided to close our Belk store at Four Seasons Mall in February 2015 and focus our resources and efforts on the major expansion and remodeling of our Friendly Center store, which we will reopen this fall as a Belk flagship store."


  • Highpointer

    This will start the death of another Guilford County mall. Maybe a church or a College will buy Four Seasons.:)

  • NRA4ever

    yep. who wants to shop around thugs/criminals. Friendly center is a safer place for business and customers.

    • Concerned Citizen

      It is not safer. It’s not more convenient. Weather will hurt that style of business. The only thing it provides is a quick getaway from blacks and foreigners

  • NCgbo

    Agree- it will go the way of Carolina Circle Mall. Once stores started leaving the mall went down hill , closed and was erased. If I go to Four Seasons- I only go during daytime.

    • Concerned Citizen

      Thanks when my family goes. We try and be gone by noon because that’s when they start pouring in off the buses.

  • Harley

    I hope Hollister and Abercrombie follow suit so we won’t have to drive to Winston to shop in a safer place

  • jimboogie

    Macy’s had already signed the lease. One moves out another moves in. If you think the Koury’s are going to let that mall fail your on something. ..

  • orange

    @jimboogie…you are probraby right…I for one want nothing to do with that place. Thug city. That area has been in a downward spiral for years.


    Until I moved out of Greensboro, about 3 months, I lived within half a mile of that mall for 25 years, home and I could count the times I went to that mall on one hand. If it were not for Bonefish Grill and Gander Mountain, I would not even get close to that place. I guess Belk got tired of being looted on a daily basis by swarms of teenage thugs. Just a better class of cliental at Friendly Center, to be blunt and honest.

  • WeBuiltThisCountry

    Belks is a waste of space and their fashion is tasteless. Hopefully it will get replaced with a Lord and Taylor.A better idea would be to move D.T.L.R into that space because the space they have in the mall in now is intirealy too small. Bells needs a new design coordinator because their clothes are garbage!

  • Ski

    First of all, GGP owns the mall, not Koury Corp. Second, this closure is based on the end of Belk’s 40-year lease, as they have essentially consolidated their High Point and Four Seasons locations into a new store on Wendover. Clearly this will impact the mall but we knew Belk wanted out of Four Seasons mall ever since they closed off their third level there, so it was only a matter of time. And to whoever said Macys signed a lease here, no such thing. Macys does not invest where they don’t have to and they like to own their stores (I.e. The former Hechts). It’s sad to see how far downhill Four Seasons has come since its glory days as one of NC’s premier shopping malls. It’s heading in the direction of Westchester, Oak Hollow and Carolina Circle Malls.

  • mr smh

    Im laughing at all these “unsafe thug” comments. Is it that bad. These kids aren’t robbing people there. You just don’t want to be around them because of what they represent. One person went as far as to say “pouring off the busses”. Well just to let you all know. If the mall ever does close friendly has a bus line as well :-). There is no escape. None. U might want to go online or find a nice mail order catelog. Lol. Have a nice day.

  • carlos townsend

    I’ve read some of the ignorant comments left that are shaded and seasoned with racism. Truth be told there is not one place that is safe and completely secure, regardless of the neighborhood. Crime hasn’t a color, gender or creed. Quiet frankly, I’m grateful that I won’t have to browse and shop some of the one’s who have left ignorant comments. You probably are too cheap to shop in Belk any way.

  • Gso minority

    Truth be told…four seasons mall hasn’t really plummeted as many believe. Zales jewelers just expanded and remodeled as well as H&M being added to the store recently. Yes business may not be as booming as when it first opened but it certainly isn’t because of all the “thugs” there. There are just as many “thugs” that shop at Friendly as Four seasons. My wife and I shop at both locations all the time with our 2 yr old and have never been threatened by anyone’s presence. The ignorant comments about this report is just ludicrous.

  • Greensboro Guy

    It was obvious that Belk did not care about their Four Seasons location for quite some time. Walking through the location it was dirty, poorly merchandised, and lacked many of the key brands that other area locations carried. Belk leaving will actually help the mall because a new retailer will bring more traffic. Everybody loves something new. Belk was over-penetrated in this area and didn’t really provide a draw to Four Seasons.

    Thank God we still have Dillard’s. They actually care about their store.

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