Asheboro man arrested after shooting at police officer

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Joseph Devon Clodfelter

ASHEBORO, N.C. — An Asheboro man was arrested after officers said he shot at one of their own Saturday night.

Officers responded to a home on Dixon Avenue in reference to an armed man communicating threats.

When Patrolman Jordan Frost spoke with the suspect, the man fled which began a foot chase.

Sometime during the chase, the man shot the gun in the officer’s direction. Frost was not struck and the chase continued a few more minutes before ending at Uwharrie Street.

The man was identified as Joseph Devon Clodfelter, 22, of 127 Dixon Street, Asheboro.

He was arrested and charged with attempted first degree murder, assault on a law enforcement officer with a firearm, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, communicating threats, discharging a firearm in the city limits and resist, obstruct, delay.

Clodfelter is in the Randolph County Jail under no bond.


      • Iama Retiree

        ……. and I thought you were suppose to be a Christian ??
        By the way, don’t you work for a living — according to McCroy’s new law you will sure have to get off your behind and go back to work now – Those lower benefits sure going to cut into your “lounge” time. Maybe you can get a job in one of those wrestling mags flexing your muscles — with your “Mohawk” you will be an instant success ….. ROFLMAO !
        Sure glad the Asheboro “home boys” put a hurting on the fool who shot at them — rather dumb–wouldn’t you say ?

      • Iama Retiree

        I wonder what would happen if I moved the message you both left for me on private F/B to your F/B page — you really have no idea who I may know that are friends with you and they could easily put that nasty post up ….. Wouldn’t that look nice ?

  • B

    He should be dead after shooting at the police but then the police would have been criticized for excessive force.

      • Zombiekiller

        You told him. I was waiting on someone to call him out. What a chump. Prolly couldn’t even take down 2 zombies.

    • Iama Retiree

      You are always calling people retards or in slang “rere” — Just hope that your little Justice does not turn out to be a little imperfect down the road – how would you feel then ? Bet you would not be soaring so high — even eagle’s tail feathers will drag once in a while — Get a life, Justin, I know where the horse is tied !

  • william

    if the judge had not granted release on bond for this no good for nothing non law abiding thug this would have never happened. so glad non of our police officers were hurt. …….hope he go away for twenty five years MAX. maybe then he will grow up.

  • Iama Retiree

    @ Zombiekiller – Ho Ho, Ha Ha, Hee Hee …..” If wishes were fishes, the pond would be full” ! (Aren’t we a little off the subject?)
    BTW – I am a modern day retiree — no grannie pantos for me !

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