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2-year-old killed after father accidentally backs over her with car

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Stony Ridge Road in Surry County (Google)

SURRY COUNTY, N.C. — A 2-year-old girl was killed after her father accidentally backed over her at their home in Surry County Sunday night.

The accident happened at the family’s home at 1274 Stony Ridge Road around 8:27 p.m.

Officials say the father was rushing to the hospital after two other children, ages 6 and 8, were injured in a go-kart accident.

The father said he never saw his 2-year-old behind the car.

The child was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The 6-year-old was flown to Baptist Medical Center and the 8-year-old was treated and released.


  • B

    Go-cart accident and then backs over his 2 year old?? Where was the 2 year old prior to the go-cart incident? How can one be so careless? First of all, he should have called an ambulance for his other 2 children instead of driving the children to the hospital. Was he just going to leave the 2 year old at home? It just don’t add up. Who else was there?

      • H

        How do you know 911 wasn’t called?? It doesn’t say he was actually taking the other two children to the hospital — jsut that he was rushing there after they were hurt.

      • Keshia Davis

        And when the cops come out to beat you for no reason after calling 911 about a sick child? That has happened, and it turned into a neighborhood brawl with the neighbors against the cops. Everyone was hauled in on assault on police charges which the DA declined to pursue. The mother who called about the sick child did lose an eye in the process.

    • Sally

      How dare you be so judgmental! It’s easy to sit back and say “he should have done this and that” when you aren’t involved in the situation.

      • Keshia Davis

        It is not “judgmental,” but telling the honest truth and using common sense. How did the other 2 get hurt? I mean, was he watching them? And the 6 year old was legally too young. 8 is the minimum age allowed.

        While I feel for the whole family in this, I can’t help but wonder if this is a case of Darwin leveling things out.

      • jameyej

        Keisha, lets just hope for your sake that Darwin isn’t following your every move! NO ONE is above making a mistake……not even you!

    • sally jane

      SMH at you B……..You really should check yourself and not speak before you think.This man will suffer for the rest of his life and I’m sure he will say more to himself than you ever could,BUT you were not there and don’t know the whole story so WHY don’t you just say NOTHING at all……………

    • Lauren

      I agree something doesn’t add up, why wouldn’t your 2 year old be in bed nd if your rushing to the hospital then why not either take the child or leave them with someone you trust.

    • RNC

      B, we’re thankful you have this all figured out. Call the police and let them know they don’t need to investigate any further. Additionally, when something like this happens to you, please share with the rest of us how calmly you handled your situation. In the meantime, don’t pour salt on this family’s wounds.

    • Lette

      He wasn’t careless B…he was being a parent and panicing…and your mouth is not something that can help this situation none…u should be praying for their loss instead of criticizng…I an praying hard for this family who is in horrific need of prayer … and @B I’ll be praying for you…

    • dana

      No. He wasn’t going to leave the child at home. There was a family cookout going on at the time…Please people have respect, I’m sure he’s going through enough.

    • H

      I sincerely hope B clicked on the “Notify me of follow up comments…” button so he or she can see what everyone else thinks of his/her idiotic comment.

    • Bobbie

      That is a long way from the hospital. Probably take an ambulance a good while to get there so he most likely thought he’d drive them to the hospital and get them there before the ambulance could even find his house. Just a terrible accident. Prayers for them going out.

    • Cassie

      I think it’s amazing how everyone is so quick to say “why did they.. They should’ve… Who… What..” In a crisis YOU don’t know what you will ACTUALLY do until it happens to you. Stop blaming pointing fingers and asking ridiculous questions!!! This is a terrible situation and it’s hard enough that in an emergency trying to do the right thing another emergency could occur and did! What happened did and nothing can change it. Every detail will not be posted I’m sure so who are you to ask these questions and who are you to say what should have been done what is the “right” or “wrong” thing to do? Prayers are the only thing needed here for this family otherwise go away!

    • Heavy heart!

      At anyone who says “something doesn’t add up”, how would it add up if your not part of the family and know the details???? Don’t be ignorant! This FATHER will have to live with this the rest of his life! The child was being cared for by an adult and got away from that adult trying to get to the father….ACCIDENTS HAPPEN!!!!!!! we never know when God is going to decide to take us or a loved one, so you better tell the ones you love daily how much you love them instead of judging other people! Can we pray for this family to have God wrap his arms around them and comfort them instead of assuming that they weren’t taking care of their children????

    • Gayle

      How could you be so judgmental and just assume, “something doesn’t add uup”. First of all, the dad’s where trying to get the 2 children that were hurt after the throttle got hung in the go cart to be checked out, the 2 year old jerked away from her mom to go after her daddy when he didn’t see her and backed over her!!! That’s when they called 9-1-1!!! There were 4 adults and 4 children present during all the commotion!!! But, God can take better care of you than I can, I just pray he had mercy on your soul since you have no mercy for anyone else!!!!!

    • KJ

      That is the most heartless comment ever. Do you have any idea how fast a two-year-old can move? Were you there? No. A family has lost their child. It was an ACCIDENT. Have some compassion. My thoughts and prayers go out to this family. As for you, B, I pray you learn to love your neighbor. It must be awful to go through life with a heart of stone.

    • jameyej

      First of all…. you do not know the circumstances surrounding the incident so NO ONE should be judging these people. They need prayers, not criticisim.

  • Linda neese

    You do think of these things but be human pray for him and the family I cann’t imagine the feelings they are going through. May God be with them at this time and give them the strength.

  • Jennifer

    This is so sad, and this is an accident that could happen to anyone. Please think and stop judging. You don’t know what you would do unless you are in that situation. Praying this family heals in time. Bless this families hearts.

  • als

    It never said the other two kids were with him, just he was rushing to get to the hospital. If your kids were hurt wouldn’t you rush to the hospital weather they were in the vehicle with you or not? Maybe she was with a babysitter or neighbor while he was going to the hospital, either was im pretty sure he never ment to back into his daughter and has to live with regret for the rest of his life!!!!!

    • Suzi

      Yes it does…It says “he was rushing two other children to the hospital”…that means he was taking the children quickly…

      • Gordon Ingram

        No, it does not say that. It says, “Officials say the father was rushing to the hospital after two other children, ages 6 and 8, were injured in a go-kart accident.” Please read these articles and then re-read them before you fire-off comments. Folks, a family’s child is dead here. Be more sensitive and spend less time trying to find fault in others posts.

      • Bobbie

        Surry County is a very rural area, not close to a hospital or ambulance service. The quickest way to get help for your children or an injured relative is to drive them to the nearest hospital in Elkin. He was trying to get help the quickest way he could.

  • llw

    People are so judgmental before ever finding out the FACTS. You should not judge anyone, not your place. Pray for this family, and give respect to them. Let them rest with their own sorrow. The only thing wrong with the news media is, they give just enough information for critics to stir turmoil. RIP baby.

    • Judy Bullington

      llw & rnc -Well said, I have prayed and wept for this family ever since it was announced on WXII this morning. I don’t know this family but my heart has been breaking for these dear people. If you’ve ever had a hurt child, sometimes we act hasty doing everything we can. You have to consider this dear man was doing all he could to get the other 2 injured children help. My heart feels so deeply for this father. I have been in similiar instances but never experienced such a horrific ending. Words of kindness is what this family and all concerned need along with constant prayer,

  • NMK

    It says he was rushing to the hospital after two other children were injured. Maybe a grandmother was at the home to watch the 2yr old. People are so quick to judge! There’s only one judge that matters. Prayers for the family 🙏

  • Paula Wright

    It’s possible the other two children did not live with him and the 2 year old was staying at home with her mother. Maybe he had taken her to a sitter and she was in the yard until he backed out. A horrible accident either way. Some people always want to think the worst. Then there are the ones who believe they are always on top of things and couldn’t possibly lose sight of a child for a moment. Obviously, he’s a loving father or he wouldn’t have been rushing to the hospital. Have some compassion people.

  • gobblelikeaturkey

    Praying for the family! I can not imagine what the parents are going through right now. Her father will have to live with the guilt and thinking of how it possibly could have been prevented. Why can’t we all show a little compassion for this family instead of judging them for doing “this or that”. Their baby is dead, there is no worse pain I can imagine than that.

    • Gayle

      FaithC, what exactly do you find funny?? That a father just lost his child and will have to live with the guilt of a freak accident or that a child lost her life at such a young age when she had so much left to live for??? I pray for mercy on you, unlike the mercy you’ve shown my family and friends!!!!!!

  • fireman

    A lot of people have commented on this tragedy. Folks I can tell you that being judgmental before knowing the facts and making comments of such is never a good thing. I happen to be a part of the first medical personnel that arrived on the scene of this tragedy. This was an accident and some of you post these comments for this father to see. This does nothing but make a bad thing worse. Show some respect for this family. The father, mother and her siblings need the prayers. Not to be bashed. Just think if this was your child and you was reading these comments. Just saying.

    • Jess

      As a fellow first responder my heart goes out to you and your crew and also to this family. What a horribly painful time this must for them.

  • H

    May this poor man find some peace soon. I can only begin to imagine the torture he is feeling in his mind, heart and soul. God bless him.

  • tracy inman

    can we just pray for this grieving family? this is something those kids and this man will remember for the rest of their lives.

    think about them before you post stupid hurtful comments. they will see them.

  • sad

    It clearly states that he was rushing off to the hospital never once does it mention he had his two other children with him

  • tonya

    Ok for u B!!!! First off I’m family of this Lil girl… and we do read this!!! U wasn’t there so how bout u pump ur breaks a bit and keep ur mouth shut please!!. .. .. I’m glad u think u know it all…. and for the rest of u thank u for ur thoughts and prayers and comments and thanks so much for taking up for my nieces father!! May all be blessed please continue to pray for mother and father!!!

    • H

      My heart breaks for you and your family, Tonya. How I wish I could take away the pain. Rest in peace, baby girl.

    • GRACE




  • AF

    The article says he was rushing to the hospital….. the 6 year old was flown to Baptist. So most likely, the children were being cared for by 911 people. since it was in such a rural area, he was going to need to load up and head to the hospital to meet the other kids. He most likely had someone there to help out with the 2 year old and it could have possibly slipped out of the house after the parent to go too. Accidents can happen in a blink of an eye. My heart just breaks for this family. I am sure they NEVER intended for any of the kids to get hurt.

  • Barbara

    My prayers going up for this family and people lets not say bad things about th e father hes going through a lot he lost his child this will ever be before his face so instead of talking lets all bind together and pray for him …….. pray for his mind AMEN

  • Christina Gering

    My heart just breaks for this family and the mental torment the daddy must be putting himself thru. To the dad, plz do let Satan torment you. Jesus will get you thru this. This similar situation happened to the daughter of Steven Curtis Chapman. Their son backed over his little sister in the driveway. His wife wrote a book about her grief process and their loss and how their faith pulled them thru. You might want to buy this book and just see if it can help. I pray I never experience your grief and shame on those that are throwing stones. They cant help they are ignorant and need just as much prayer

  • Trisha

    I only want to say this! This is my family and if you don’t have anything nice to say in reguards to our family in this tragedy then please keep moving! You don’t know the situation so don’t assume anything! With that said Fly High Baby Girl!! Keep a watch over mommy, daddy and sisters! R.I.P CAG

  • Debbie

    Some of you are so cruel. When I read this I cried like a baby. I also prayed for this family especially the Dad who has to be torn all to pieces. God please comfort this man. For those of you that has said ignorant stuff just remember Karma is as cruel as you are.

  • Tee

    I pray everyone involved find peace. It’s a tragic accident know parent should have to go through.

  • Tamra Rena

    I think some of you need to learn to read before you reply! This father I am sure was in shock .. Due to the fact he had two children who were hurt… How would you react ? Things happen fast! I am sure his heart is ripped out about the two year old… It was an accident .. Why… Only God knows!!! My heart goes out to the children and the entire family… And also to the shallow minded people who have nothing but hurtful things to say about this poor father!!!

  • Anony

    I am so very sorry to hear this! My prayers are with this father as well as the rest of the family. Just know that accidents do happen and children that age move quickly. That has to be the parents’ worst nightmare come true.

  • Christy

    Some of these comments are just awful! Some of u should be ashamed of yourselfs. It was an accident an no one knows the exact story only the parent’s do so u don’t need to judge the father an say ugly things BC u don’t know until u are there when it happened. He’s gonna have this on his heart forever. U need to put yourself in his shoes if that was your child an u accidentally ran over your kid an then everyone was bashing u with bad comments but knew it was an accident. I think everyone needs to pray for this family an stop judging one another. Have sympathy in your heart. Think that could have been your child.

  • kayla

    Yall need to stop the father did not mean to back into his daughter. How about if something like this happen to u and people started talking bad aftee u loat your baby. U would b ready to fight so how about the ones trash talking just stop and say a prayer because yall really dont know what happened!!!!

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