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Mom banned from ranting about children, ex-husband on Facebook

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FLEMINGTON, N.J. — A New Jersey appeals court has ruled that a judge’s order prohibiting a mother from ranting about her children and ex-husband on Facebook is not unconstitutional.

The Courier News reported that a Superior Court judge ordered the Hunterdon County mother in 2011 not to mention her children or ex-husband on her Facebook page.

The order was a condition of the mother’s probation stemming from her attempt that year to kidnap her two children into Canada.

The mother’s family and Hunterdon County prosecutors argued the woman’s Facebook postings were frightening.

The posts reportedly referenced the Book of Revelation, Adolph Hitler, Satan and serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

The mother argued that the order violated her free speech rights, but the appellate panel disagreed.

The court found the order was specific and didn’t prevent her from making posts about other issues.


    • B

      You just can’t yell fire in a public place. There are limits to freedom of speech if it harms or threatens others.

      • parsonhenry1957

        Can you own property. NO. No matter how long you work to pay for your home or property. Stop paying your taxes and the state can own it. You want to farm it, live on it, or urinate on it. But someone finds a bug on it, you will find that you can not do anything on it . But you still have to pay taxes on the property for the privilege to say you own a area with dirt on it. Can you own a gun? most people can’t. I carried a person to the bank to cash a check that he showed me. I waited out in the parking lot, he went in and came out about 5 min. later like normal, we drove off he gave me a tip for gas, Everything was fine. 3 hrs later I have a about 32 cop cars a swat team a helicopter and numerous federal agents. You see the bank manager copied my tag number when I left the parking lot because The Guy that I carried to cash his check decided to rob it. I spent 4 years in federal prison for it, marked for life and I can never own a gun or a bow, not even a paint ball gun.(for the rest of my life.)

  • Tammy Pierce

    Depends on what she was saying. Slander and/or libel are still crimes. Freedom of speech is only allowed if the things you are saying are true. If she was blatantly lying, her speech is allowed to be censored. Specifically if it was a lie designed to destroy the character, integrity or reputation of an innocent person.

    • jason

      Doesnt matter what she said. She was not forcing it on anyone and its her own fb page. If someone doesnt like it they can block it
      Plain and simple

  • mary

    She isn’t too bright if she’s putting plans for kidnapping them into Canda. Stupidy will bring you down every time.

  • CIAA Alum

    This is a violation of her First Amendment right. Unless FB, a private entity, had issues with her posts, she is free to post whatever she chooses, just as those who have read her posts are free to abstain from reading them.

    However, I feel they should have allowed her to continue to post, then monitor her postings for signs of escalating behavior, which could be a useful tool in deterring future attempts to kidnap and/or harm her family.

  • B.Row

    Aside from freedom of speech. There is laws against threatening people and slander. I’m sure her ranting bordered on the two of those. Or plain and simple she much be a frigging nut job..

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