Kay Hagan rallies 5th District Democrats

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Senator Kay Hagan addresses constituents at the North Carolina 5th Congressional District Convention on the West Campus of Forsyth Technical Community College on Saturday, May 17, 2014 in Winston-Salem, N.C. (Andrew Dye/Journal)

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Sen. Kay Hagan told area Democrats Saturday that it will take the “largest get-out-the-vote effort” seen for a North Carolina Senate race to keep her in Washington.

Hagan was speaking at the North Carolina 5th Congressional District Democrat’s Convention, held at the Forsyth Technical Community College’s West Campus.

If Hagan’s team succeeds in getting large numbers of Democratic voters to the polls in November for her race against Rep. Thom Tillis, speaker of the North Carolina House, it could benefit other North Carolina Democrats, as well.

“If she’s able to continue getting people (out) with her ideas, it’s good for our democracy,” said Josh Brannon, a Democratic candidate for the 5th district seat. “A lot more Democrats could have bigger opportunities in November.”

Brannon led a field of four candidates in the 5th District Democrat primary May 6, but fell short of the 40 percent of votes threshold needed to avoid a runoff. Second-place finisher Gardenia Henley is calling for a runoff in the contest to see which Democrat will face incumbent Republican Rep. Virginia Foxx in the fall.

Hagan said she will campaign across the state on weekends between now and November, while still maintaining her responsibilities in Washington, D.C. during the week. She said it will take hard work to overcome the money coming in to support Tillis.

“(Tillis’) special-interest friends are trying to buy the election,” Hagan said. “Our state is not for sale.”

Hagan touted her record of “putting North Carolina first” during her six years in the Senate, highlighting her support for the Affordable Care Act, a bill to prevent interest on student loans from rising and efforts to keep tuition assistance in place for active-duty service personnel. Hagan said she’ll continue to working on passing the AMERICA Works Act, which is modeled after a Forsyth Tech workforce training initiative.

She said her top priority will jobs and said the country needs to raise the minimum wage, improve education and work toward getting women equal pay for equal work – a message that was well-received by the 5th District’s Democratic precinct delegates like Sarah Hill Carter, delegate from precinct 601 in Winston-Salem.

“She was a very powerful speaker and (said) things we needed to hear,” Hill Carter said.

Hagan contrasted her efforts to those of Tillis, working in the General Assembly last year to pass what Hagan called a “special interest agenda.” Hagan criticized Tillis on the state’s tax plan, education reform initiatives and voting rights’ overhaul.

Several times Hagan referenced outside and special interest money supporting Tillis’ campaign.

He’s not the only one receiving help from outside groups, though.

Senate Majority PAC, a political committee designed to help elect Democrats to the U.S. Senate, is spending $800,000 to run television ads against Tillis across the state.


  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    Lol, lol, I noticed she didn’t mention Odumber’s name a single time in her Propergandist speech, not even calling the ACA Odumbercare plus she Never mentioned her Democratic Outside Interests PACS spending Millions of dollars on her campaign, same old Democratic Lies 24/7…

  • Moses

    (Tillis’) special-interest friends are trying to buy the election,” Hagan said. “Our state is not for sale.” of course she has no special interests

  • Frank Sinner

    She just continues Obama’s, Clinton’s agenda just richase old people wanting to really control the women more than anything,they want your tax money to!! Clinton Foundation has so much money they refuse to tell the public how much !!

  • Linda

    Hagan’s pal Harry Reid is spending a bundle to smear Tillis.

    Safe bet that anyone Reid is backing in any election is no good for the state.

    Hagan should try standing on her own merits – if she has any !!

  • No More

    If you like your plan you can keep your plan Kay. It would help to be honest about your roll in this debacle called ACA. This will turn out like VA scandal going on now. Crappy care if lucky or no care at all if unlucky.

  • Stool Byrd

    Kay Obama-Care looks old as soil. OBAMA CARE OBAMA CARE OBAMA CARE OBAMA CARE OBAMA CARE She made it happen, hows that working for ya???????


    I hope Mrs. Hagan is starting to pack her bags now, because she is going to be fired big time come November, along with a lot of her fellow DC marxist and socilaist brethren.

  • stantheman

    I cannot understand why Demorats continually scream about “outside” interest, when Kay Hagan is enjoying money from scum bag Harry and George Soros. George Soros is funding the democrat pary to the tune of billions. Ignorant and unin formed will never understand. Well lies are working well for the democrat party. Yes Kay Hagan is a liar. Moderate by behind. Independents and republicans will not vote for her this go round.

    • Ira Leichtman

      not sure why this obsession with Soros. He has given $1 million to a pact over the last few years, Charles Koch and Crossroads each spend more than that in a week in attack ads against Hagan. Same old moral equivalency arguments by the Teaparty.

  • Ty Raid @WM2793

    Seems to me she’s doing a lot of 46% bashing.
    You know the 46% of us that work and pay her bills.

  • truth-hurts

    I’d like to be the first to say good riddance Kay.
    Don’t let the door hit you in the fanny on the way out.

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