Dancer shows off his moves to drivers in Kernersville

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    • Tiffany Turner Joyce

      He holds that sign a lot while still dancing just because you seen one video of him not having the sign doesn’t mean he don’t hold it a lot. And by the way he actually gets a lot of business to come in just from his dancing. If you haven’t actually been to Kernersville and seen this man dance all the time then you have no room to be shaking your head. He works very hard, I remember last summer it was in the high 90’s and he was out there still dancing away, he even dances when its raining. He is truly amazing and that why the company has him out there compared to most people that just stand outside of businesses and flip and sign around and look boring or either on their phones or something. He catches peoples eye and gets customers.

    • gwan2014

      Would hate for you to be my boss with that type of thinking… Silly everyone knows who he is working for… HE IS THE SIGN! SMH!!!

  • Tiffany Turner Joyce

    I live in Walkertown And I love when I am able to get on main St in Kernersville Because I know I will get to see Kenny! He is awesome and gives so much energy. He is always out there dancing away….Rain or shine, hot or cold! Kenny can cheer you up without having to say a word to you. I Love Kenny <3

  • your daddy

    I see this guy every day 90percent of the time his holding it and flipping it around. At the end of the day he goes home with hard earning money.

  • lawrenceadams

    He be putting in major work on that corner dancing like its the last day off school !

  • Ivyn

    Kenny dances quite often in Greensboro. As a dancer, I always get excited when I see him dancing. He’s doing it because he loves it, not for a paycheck. Keep Rocking Kenny. “Don’t stop til you get enough” -MJ

  • Bonnie

    Has anyone ever thought about how much great shape he is in! Just think, all day dancing! And his muscles sure look like he spends alot of time at the gym or using weights!

  • ms

    Kenny, awesome.. dig a small hole in the ground to put your sign when instead of laying it on the ground. also, is there any way you can put out a “tip jar”, or tip bucket? You deserve it

  • Jeff Burton

    I look forward to seeing Kenny dance everytime i come thru Kville… nobody take away our Kenny…..he is awesome

  • Grey

    This man is WELL known and highly appreciated. Those of us who see him on the regular know EXACTLY who he works for…sign isn’t necessary at all times. Although I do agree he needs his pay adjusted…for MORE!

  • Tiffany

    When Kenny started at we buy treasure he didn’t have a home a do believe! He also walks to and from work. He may have a car now but I still see him walk around here and there! Never fails to give ya a chuckle or make ya smile! You rock Kenny!!

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