Tall trucks caught on video crashing into short bridge in Durham

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DURHAM, N.C. -- It happens a lot, but you sure don't often see it caught on camera - a truck that's too tall disintegrating when it hits an overpass that's too low.

It happened the same day New York State announced testing of a new infrared system to prevent accidents like this.

There’s a low railroad trestle in Durham that gets hit often.

CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on decapitated trucks in the video above.


    • LOL

      I wonder if any truckers will pop on over here and blame this fiasco on the car-drivers, too. :D lol We all know, truckers never do anything wrong. ;) ;)

  • Steven Abelt

    There is simply NO excuse for the Govenment not forcing ALL states to cut the roads down under All underpasses to at least 14 feet. Trucking companies fork out Billions in taxes to improve the roads, yet hardly anything gets done. All main roads and highways need to be 14 ft or taller on bridges and anything else like wires and tree branches. It’s not like its 1955 anymore!!!

    • ThinkAboutIt

      Maybe tractor-trailers don’t need to be on ALL the roads? My goodness. If we have to make every single, narrow, one-lane, windy, short-overpass road in the U.S. accessible to tractor-trailers, I am sure it would quickly eat up the taxes paid by trucking companies.

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