Woman targeting Asians strikes 4-year-old girl in head with crowbar

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SAN JOSE, Calif. — A woman is facing multiple charges after striking a 4-year-old girl in the head with a crowbar. Evidence suggests she targeted the girl because she was Asian.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Maria Delcarman Garate, 20, entered a Walmart on Tuesday with a crowbar hidden in a duffel bag and approached the 4-year-old girl and her father.

Garate struck the girl in the head. When Garate swung a second time, the father intervened and took the blow for his daughter.

The 4-year-old was transported to a local hospital with what were described as non-life threatening injuries.

Garate was arrested and faces charges of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. Both charges carry a hate crime allegation.

KTVU reported that when police took Garate into custody, she allegedly told investigators she was upset that the child did not die.

Garate could face up to life in prison.

Sources: Los Angeles Times | KTVU


  • K. Garner

    She’s grinning. I think that demonstrates how screwed up she is mentally. Oh I hope she gets put in general population when they lock her up, she needs some good old school justice dished out on her. Anyone that targets children does!!

    • Sophia Keenesburg

      Well what is wrong with people in the States? This and cases like this could be prevented if people who get screwed up as you say GET HELP before they go into the deep end!!!

      But NOooo that does cost money for healthcare …

      Well what will a lifetime in prison cost the taxpayer?
      I guess more.

      And if help would have been there for this woman … changes are big no body would have gotten hurt.

      • KrazyKraker

        Sophia see if O_holecare will help your krasy friends !! You know who I am talking about !!

      • Cheryl Eads

        No help for some one that could even think of doing a thing like this, no I dont want to keep her up give her death she has the devil in her, what will she do next, god only knows.

  • its my business

    Wally World does a check on your bags when you are leaving the store – perhaps they should start doing a check of your bag(s) when you enter the store … This is sick. She’ll get the premeditatied book thrown at her I believe.

      • Frank Sinner

        So Rena !! That all you got !! Pull the one shot card and start out trying to insult someone that does not agree with you !! Typical tactic of the uneducated !!

    • Ken

      Way to contradict yourself. You first say “probably” and then say that you are “stating a fact”. Which is it? Is it “probably” or is it “fact”? Maybe not a racist comment but most assuredly an ignorant comment from a clueless and obviously ignorant person.

  • Ken

    Enjoy your three days in general population (that is as long as she will last) you sick twisted B—-! See if you’re still smiling then!

  • whatdidIread

    Why does the title say that she hit the girl with a crowbar, and then the video shows one type of lug wrench, and then the reporter holds up another type of lug wrench? In any case, this person is obviously a sick, depraved individual, hitting a little child like that. Disgusting, and I’m so glad the little girl’s father was there to protect her.

  • Dicky Blanchard

    Not metal help a rope and that’s it. you put her in a hospital for three months for this and she’ll be back to kill. Once someone like this has this premeditated attack in their minds its not a mental problem it’s a rabid animal problem.

  • Shawn

    And the comment about the ACA is EXACTLY the kind of uninformed nonsense that fans the flames of this kind of nonsense. Oh, and for the (obviously) uneducated, the ACA is ObamaCare in the vernacular. Sad to see almost as many nutjobs here as in jail.

  • Rick

    If this happened to me I would be the one charged because that woman wouldn’t have walked out of that walmart alive

  • a man

    I have an idea. if she had such a problem with asians, why didnt she just go back home to Mexico? Very doubtful she would find any there.

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