Video shows man stealing wallet from collapsed man at bar, buying round of drinks

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WILLIAMSON, Ill. -- A man was arrested after he was caught on camera stealing a wallet from a man who had just collapsed in a bar, and then buying a round of drinks.

According to KSDK, victim Larry Lotter collapsed of an apparent heart attack at the Rock Bottom Bar in Illinois

In the bar's surveillance video, the victim grabs his chest and other patrons help by lowering him to the ground.

Bryan Kuegler, 32, is reportedly seen crouching next to Lotter and police say he stole the victim's wallet out of his back pocket.

A few minutes later as Lotter was loaded into the ambulance, it was reported that Kuegler went to the bathroom, took two $50 bills out of the stolen wallet and returned to the bar to buy a round of drinks for everyone.

He tossed the wallet on the floor and later said he happened to find Lotter's wallet on the ground.

Kuegler is charged with felony theft from a person, which could carry a two to five year jail sentence. He is being held at the Madison County jail on a $50,000 bond.

Lotter is expected to be OK.

Source: KSDK


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