Residents fight against Walmart at Quaker Village in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Some residents who live near the Quaker Village shopping center are protesting a soon to be next door neighbor -- Walmart.

"We don't want to see a Walmart put up in Quaker Village," said Lauren Massengale who lives across the street from the center.

She has been canvassing businesses at Quaker Village with flyers fighting against the chain-store in an area mostly home to mom and pop stores.

"This is where I'm from,” Massengale said.  “I've lived here all my life. I want to support these businesses not some huge corporation."

She and other residents have started an online petition with more than 100 signatures.

They'll send it to the property owner, Aston Properties, telling them they're concerned about adding more traffic and noise to West Friendly Avenue.

Homeowners like Lara Bryant say a major chain store wouldn't be a good fit in the residential area.

"Quaker Village is a very quaint shopping center with a lot of history,” Bryant said.  “I just feel like the big corporation of Walmart wouldn't be the best solution here."

In February, Walmart announced plans to open a 41,000-square-foot Walmart Neighborhood Market by the end of the year.

The building will be one fourth the size of one of their supercenters.

The store will be a new neighbor some businesses are welcoming with open arms.

"We're hoping it's a good impact," said Johnny Mejicanos, manager of Carolina’s Diner.

Mejicanos says a mega-store like Walmart may bring in extra foot traffic to the shopping center and hopefully more customers.

"If Walmart's going to help us increase sales, help us create more revenue, I'm all for it," he said.


  • Trav May

    It’s a GROCERY store!!! Not a big box store! The ‘Neighborhood Markets’ don’t look much different than Lowes Foods, Food Lion, or Harris Teeter.

    Sheesh, people! We don’t want Trader Joe’s here, we don’t want big, bad Walmart there.

  • WB Ryan

    Let’s get the story right. In the case of Trader Joes, we didn’t want residential property rezoned to commercial. It had nothing to do with the proposed tenant Trader Joes. Those of us who opposed the rezoning at Friendly Center would have welcomed Trader Joes in an area already zoned commercial. In the case of Quaker Village &
    Walmart, this will be a great addition to the shopping center, which by the way has been struggling since Fresh Market departed. Oh, and Quaker Village is already zoned commercial. So please don’t lump the very few anti-capitalist Walmart haters with those of us who wish to protect the integrity of our residential neighborhoods.

    • Ken

      Flawed logic regarding the Trader joe’s deal. While I understand the rezoning concerns, where was that concern when everything else around Friendly Center was added over the years? Did the residents not matter then? Funny how people don’t want businesses encroaching on their neighborhoods while ignoring the fact that most existing businesses already do that. They just don’t happen to be in the concerned neighbors backyard, just someone else’s backyard. Just food for thought.

  • its my business

    Just some more photo opps for Wally World Shoppers. lol Come on, let’s bring the upscale place back to its roots. I use to visit Fresh Market every day even though the parking was a bitxx. They moved for good reason to New Garden. Larger buidling – lots more parking. I hate to see them pave paradise and put up a parking lot at Friendly Center.

  • Mark Stabler

    Let’s really get it straight. This area is too high class for a Walmart no matter what size the building. We just don’t want a Walmart. Some other store of the same size would be ok. Does that about sum up the problem.

      • its my business

        Nope, there’s one of those Targets around the corner. A Tuesday Morning Shop would be nice. A real down to Earth clothing and acessory shop would be nice to have back in there. I have my list of things that could work. It’s just a shame the eateries, etc., and opportunites for the Guilford College Kids aren’t there. Every single shop from the package wrap UPS to the bke shop is missed. Let’s combine the property with a dentist office in the back. An holistic clinic – There’s so much I can throw out there – just not another mini- Wally World. Plase…. That’s like an oxymoron and why FreshMarket moved. No the college kids can not walk to Fresh Markt anymore. And Harris Teeter (and even CVS) are shaking in their boots right now.

  • Max

    Quaker Village is about 45% vacant since The Fresh Market departed. Maybe Lauren Massengale prefers empty buildings and store fronts instead of a prospering business. Last time I checked Harris Teeter is a big corporation and major chain supermarket in a residential area, does West Borough (formerly Friendly Hills) apartments come to mind.

    The addition of noise and traffic is a poor excuse since Greensboro will never refuse added business revenue.

    Quaker Village is already zoned commercial and Ashton Properties, the owner of Quaker Village had already intended to bring a grocery store into Quaker Village.

    • Trav May

      Let’s not forget Starbucks, Boston Market, Jimmy John’s, The UPS Store, and T-Mobile…all corporations. Oh, Trader Joe’s, too. It’s just that Walmart is an “evil” corporation.

  • Sar

    The walmart neighborhood markets are pretty decent, good prices, well stocked and can get in and out quickly. I can think of much worse moving in.

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