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Putting your best foot forward this summer with these health care tips

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Dr. Christine Wright, a podiatrist who practices with Cornerstone Health Care, stopped by the Morning Show to give us some foot health care advice.

There are several different problem people can encounter during the summer months.

Dr. Wright advised being careful going barefoot during the summer months, especially in yards, driveways, and wooden decks.

She said she typically sees more splinters, burns, stings, and punctures with glass and other small objects during the summer months.

Parents should always make sure their children are wearing protective shoes when they play on the playground.

The do’s and don’ts of pedicures

Dr. Wright said to remember that you are in charge in the chair and advises against allowing the technician to do any type of cutting, filing, or shaving with any instruments.

She said it is safest to bring your own file and dispose of it when finished and also to bring your own polish, if you can.

Dr. Wright advised visiting the North Carolina Cosmetology Board website before getting a pedicure, so that you understand what the technicians are licensed to do.