Groundhogs visit FOX8, seek out volunteers for wildlife rehabilitation groups

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Hansel and Gretel, two educational groundhogs, paid the FOX8 team a visit Friday, to seek out volunteers in the community.

Two local wildlife rehabilitation groups came to talk about how they care for sick and injured wild animals.

In order to engage in wildlife care, you must be licensed.

Piedmont Wildlife Rehab Inc. and Wildlife Care Inc. are two licensed, non-profit groups that bring sick and injured animals to Dr. Paul Bencuya at Skeet Club Veterinary Hospital in High Point.

They told FOX8’s Julie Grant their biggest concern is needing more people to volunteer with their groups.

Also, donations are always welcome.

If you would like more information on Piedmont Wildlife Rehab Inc., you can visit

If you would like more information on Wildlife Care Inc., you can call 336-697-4006.


  • its my business

    I would like this ground hog out of my back yard before I stick something down the hole. The poor guy/gal (or his family before him) has been using this perfect hole for many years. He has a 5 star accommodation. Right next to the lake. He needs to be caught and transported to a new home in a hole. Any one have suggestions, I’m open – otherwise I wil just let them live there.

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