Baby hospitalized with alcohol level nearly four times the legal limit

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ERIE, Pa. — A 1-year-old baby girl is being treated after she arrived at the hospital with a dangerously high blood-alcohol content level Wednesday afternoon.

Police are questioning the girl’s mother and the mother’s friend.

According to the Erie Times-News, the baby was flown to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh after her blood alcohol content level registered at 0.289 percent.

A person with a blood-alcohol content of 0.08 percent is considered legally drunk under Pennsylvania’s driving laws.

The child, who’s name has not been released, was in stable condition Thursday afternoon, investigators said.

Police said they learned of the child’s condition when hospital officials notified police after the child was initially brought to Saint Vincent.

Police are continuing to investigate the incident.

Source: Erie Times-News


  • britt blair

    Me too Kristina. I bet they wanted it to sleep. If you can’t be real parent, give me your baby. My arms are empty but my heart is full.

    • pattym

      No “human” would ever do this to an innocent, defenseless baby, I PRAY they fing whoever did this and lock them away, far away and keep them!

  • Tina Holcomb

    We adopted 2 grandsons in 2006, after my hubby’s daughter went to prison. We learned that she was known to give the babies alcohol in their bottles to make them sleep, when she didn’t feel like dealing with them. Now our kids are 8 and 10. One is autistic, the other has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Alcohol kills brain cells, and really messes up a child’s life!

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