77-year-old Winston-Salem woman threatened armed robber with broom

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Police are looking for a man who tried to rob an elderly couple at their Winston-Salem business on Thursday night.

The man entered the B&C Music and Trading Post on S. Main Street just after 6 p.m.

In surveillance video, the suspect is seen asking about a couple items before he grabs his gun.

That's when Betty Johnson, 77, grabbed a broom.

"I told him I'd break the broom over him if he didn't get out of here and leave us alone. And I said I'm calling 911," said Johnson.

brodsomThere is no sound on the recording, but Johnson says you could have heard her yelling from across the street.

After being threatened with the broom, the armed suspect immediately turns and runs away.

"It makes me cry now to think about how stupid I was, but maybe it helped," said Johnson.

After 57 years of marriage, Betty's husband, Curtis, isn't surprised by her reaction.

"She's pretty well the boss around the house, so she's knows how to do it. How to get it done," said Mr. Johnson, 81.

Curtis says he'll be armed with more than a broom if someone tries to rob them again.

"I feel like we've been really blessed. Because it could have been a bad thing. It could have been both of us. I can't help but cry," said Betty.

Anyone with information about the suspect is asked to call Winston-Salem police.


  • Luvtheday

    Look who it is! Gee, isn’t that a scum culture….he needs to go back to his own people!

  • Luvtheday

    Too bad the husband didn’t shoot him immediately! People like that think they can prey on the elderly…..NOT!

  • FaithC

    You gotta love this couple. Glad he is armed now. To bad he was not then and did not shoot this scum.

  • ron

    very dumb thing to do. the old lady was lucky the robber was inexperienced an ran away. he could have shot her easily an in lot of cases he would have. nothing in that store was worth a casket and a grave plot. wouldnt brag on her only scold her for doing that an let her know just how lucky she had that robber. he also could have beat her to death an took what he wanted

  • Charlene Burbett

    What has this world come to? I am so sick of seeing this junk in the news. Maybe if we had harsher punishments instead of putting them up for years with shelter, food, free health care, etc. they wouldn’t be taking peoples hard earned things. I’m sure their already getting all the government handouts they can but I guess that’s not enough……

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