70-year-old man, nicknamed ‘Shorty,’ accused of robbing bank

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Roosevelt Curry

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A 70-year-old man was arrested after police said he tried to rob a Wells Fargo in Charlotte Wednesday.

The man known fondly as “Shorty” by the community was the last person police expected to arrest.

Roosevelt Curry was a man who had never been arrested before and whose only brush with the law in 20 years was driving with an expired license tag, according to WSOC.

His daughter said her father had left earlier in the morning to get the oil changed in his pickup truck and that on the way he had had a fender-bender.

An hour later they got a call saying that police were holding him for attempted robbery.

Curry, who had raised seven children and now cares for his blind wife, said he didn’t know why he did and that he was sorry.

His daughter said one possible explanation could be that her father was upset because a contractor had taken several thousand dollars out of his bank account to remodel a bathroom.

Source: WSOC

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