Video shows teacher grabbing student by his face; parents outraged

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WYANDOT COUNTY, Ohio --  Anthony and Autumn Nelson are outraged over a video that shows their 6-year-old son’s teacher grabbing him and pinning him against the wall, according to a report from WTOL.

WTOL reports the couple's son, Ian, was walking out of the bathroom at his school in Wharton, Ohio, last week when the incident happened.

The family says their son had a bruise on the back of his head.

The teacher, Barb Williams, was reportedly suspended for ten days without pay.

The Nelsons are fighting to have her fired and could use the video to pursue criminal charges.


  • Chucky

    If parents and school administratiors continue to allow children to behave badly wih little or no consequences, you can expect to see more and more of this type of things happening. While I don’t think it is right, teachers and other school employees grow increasingly frustrated at the lack of support they get from others. A child that acts up regularly without being corrected is likely to have this happen. I’m not saying that is the case here but the way the parents present themselves in the story make me suspect that is the case.

    • FaithC

      It looked to me as if the child walked out of the bathroom and that was it As for the parents…they seemed like upset parents.They were a whole lot calmer than I would have been.

      • Joann M Storey

        Sorry but I agree with Chucky. A little excessive? Maybe, however it begs the question as to what prompted this incident to begin with. The likelyhood of this teacher just randomly walking up to this kid and doing this is limited. Things would be much different if corporal punishment was brought back into the school systems. There would be a lot less of these ‘caught on tape’ scenarios, grades would probably go up, and discipline overall would go way down. it works as both a general and specific deterrent. Both my kids know that, unless under EXTREME circumstances, I will NOT have their back over discipline issues at school. They know that I will side with the teacher. “Teacher’s classroom = Teachers rules”. Period.

  • tiffany

    The parents presented themselves a lot better than I would have If that was my child. If It’s that bad call the parents and have someone pick him up. I dare anyone to lay a finger on Mine without my permission.

  • mimilll

    IF she did this knowing that there is a *CAMERA WATCHING* can you imagine what she MIGHT do where there is NO CAMERA????

  • vicki crews

    Absolutely the parents should use the video to press charges! She had no reason to lay her hands on that child in such a manner! I couldn’t press charges fast enough!

  • Christina

    Press charges please. This is ridiculous. Frustrated or not there is never any reason to put a hand on a child like that. I’m scared to know what she does behind close doors. Some people should just not be allowed to be near children!

  • kelly

    She should be charged with child abuse! If this was a parent doing this to their child, there’s no question that they would go to jail. Shes lucky that wasnt my son, no one would have worry about her touching another child.

    • Casey

      I agree with u Kelly! It wouldn’t do me any good to find out a teacher laid a hand on my child, she wouldn’t be touching another child bc she would have crushed hands!

  • Metaldadmike

    I wish a mf’er would grab my child and treat them like that ! God help them when I’m done

  • French Montana

    She needs to be fired and not allowed to work in that county or state for couple of years. if someone ever did that to anybody I know they would be in some serious mess.



  • truth-hurts


    So you wish someone would do that to your child.
    You might want want to change your statement.

  • Momoftwo

    If the attacker was another student rather than a teacher it would be called bullying. What happened to Zero tollerance!!!! Even another child would be punished with more than just 10 days suspension. Truth is, she is an adult responsible for the safety and care of children. She KNOWS better than to act in such a manner! I’m sure she’s read the schools “code of conduct” & the “mission statement” before. It disgusts me to think what she actually says and does to those children to belittle them & break them down each day. Last I checked we don’t send our children to school so they can be taught that kind of lesson. That child will never forget that moment,(unless it wasn’t the first time it’s happened) and will carry that tourment with him for many years to come. It SHOULD be up to the courts to decide her punishment. To the fullest extent.

  • Concerned teacher

    First of all this is not acceptable behavior for a teacher. I would really like to know the whole story. Something caused this lady to snap. I know first hand that very few students are taught to respect and obey their teachers. Teachers put up with horrible behavior on a daily basis. There is no parental support and the kids are always right. Bad behavior is usually rewarded. I believe if there were higher standards for behavior and administration was allowed to spank repeat offenders this type of thing wouldn’t happen. Students would be where they are supposed to be doing what they need to be doing to become educated people. With all this being said the teacher certainly lost control. Don’t be so quick to judge. Teaching is a wonderful profession but can be very trying, difficult, and often thankless.

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