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Mother buried alive by landscaper after he offered to drive her to buy car on Craigslist

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CAMDEN, N.J. — A New Jersey woman was buried alive in a shallow grave by her landscaper after he offered to drive her to buy a new car, police said on Thursday, according to

Fatima Perez was reported missing on Monday evening, the same day she left her Camden home to buy a car listed for sale on Craigslist.

The 41-year-old woman’s body was found Wednesday in Monroe Township.

Authorities said Perez’s mouth and eyes were covered with duct tape before she was buried alive and covered with lime.

According to the report, Landscaper Carlos Alicea-Antonetti, of Camden, and one of his employees, Ramon Ortiz of Pennsauken, told investigators they buried her alive.

An autopsy determined Perez died of asphyxiation.

Investigators said Alicea-Antonetti picked up Perez on Monday in his van to drive her to buy a car listed on Craigslist for $8,000.

Alicea-Antonetti told investigators he argued with Perez and she apparently fell out of his van. Despite being injured, Perez got back into the vehicle and was lying in the back when he picked up Ortiz.

Alicea-Antonetti told detectives he and Ortiz bound and blindfolded Perez before driving to a wooded location where they dug a hole and dumped the woman in it, poured lime over her and attempted to conceal the ditch by covering it with branches and debris.

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  • Evil people

    That would be my guess as well. Women trust no one! We are disposable to evil people like these, and there are millions like them running around this world!

    • Tberryjack

      Ep,, It’s not just women that have to watch out for people like this! Not any more. Used to it was mainly women that had to be careful then Women and children, then women, children and old people. Now it’s EVERY BODY. Take the girl that her and her husband lured a man to their place just to kill him and she said that she had killed 22 more people. Some people are just like animals, they kill just for the excitement of it or so they say. It makes no difference how tough you think you are, there is always someone out there with more evil thoughts than you and that’s what it takes, just how evil you can think and what they think YOUR Worth is to them.

  • FaithC

    If a dog goes wild we put them down…we need to do the same with people like this. Sick, sick, people.

  • Jim

    The pathetic media must put Craigslist in this headline, like it’s somehow involved in making this horrific murder happen. So low.

    • Tberryjack

      Some people don’t think about what might happen latter, some people just think about the Right Now and they wanted the $8000. Right Now, that is if it was the money that they were after, It may have been that she didn’t give him something else he wanted and he killed her for turning him down. Or the way things are now days, it may have been that she didn’t root for the same team that he did. People are crazy and just don’t care.

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