Cochlear implants giving people the gift of hearing

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The idea that you don't miss something until it is gone may not be more true than when it comes to your senses.

Medical science has not only made great breakthroughs in restoring human senses, but also continues to improve them all the time.

In this edition of the Buckley Report, see a device first conceived in 1960 that is giving people a big part of their life back in a way peopleĀ could have only dreamed of a few generations ago.


  • Roger

    For several years I new that I had a problem with my hearing. I went to several doctors and was told that all I need was a hearing aid.For 5 years I worn them but my hearing was still the same. In 2007 I was at the VA and was told that my hearing in my right ear was gone. I was told that they could give me the same aids but it would not help. That is when I was told about Cochlear implants. In 2008 I had my first implant in my right ear after about 4 weeks my aid was activated and I could hear sounds that I had not heard in years.My wife told me that she could see a differance in my hearing. I am very thankful for the implants and they have been a big help to me. Ihave the Cochlear implants in both ears and am enjoying the sounds that I missed for years.

  • April

    I wish i could get one in my left ear..i have been deaf in my left ear and partially deaf in my right ear all my life…i would love to be able to hear in my left ear!

  • Cris Baez

    Hola, soy sordo en ambos oidos y ya he sabido de los implantes y de acuerdo a tratamientos y estudios que he tenido es mi unica alternativa. Podrian indicarme como es el apoyo para tener por lo menos un implante? Gracias por su respuesta

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