Western NC man perplexed after ‘UFO’ crashes through roof

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Credit: WLOS

EDNEYVILLE, N.C. — A North Carolina man is perplexed after an unidentified flying chunk of metal crashed through his roof and ceiling on Monday, according to WLOS.

The four-inch by four-inch two-pound piece of metal created a bowling ball-sized hole in the ceiling and was on the floor when Bob Poer walked into his home on Monday.

Poer told WLOS he found the metal part about 8-feet away from his bed.

“According to the police and fire department, they think it had to come from an airplane. A lot of planes go across here,” Poer said.

However, the FAA told WLOS the part did not come from an airplane.

Poer was initially hesitant to pick up the metal object for fear it was radioactive. Officials later confirmed the object was not radioactive.

Officials have still not determined where the piece of metal originated.


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